Monday, April 21, 2008

Let's Overreact!: Sixers at Pistons Game 1

The best part about the playoffs is how after every single game, pundits completely overreact. With each game, there's a shift in the perception. The 8th seed wins a game? "Oh, they're going to make a series out of it!" The 5 seed wins at home? "They could sneak up on the 1 Seed next round!" All of this before the series has even ended. So starting today, we bring you a series of complete and total overreactions. Enjoy.

Those 59 wins mean nothing!


It's pretty clear that the Pistons just don't have the energy anymore to hang with the Sixers' energy. With their young players strapped to the bench, they just couldn't keep up with a faster Sixers club. Sure, they led for most of the game, but when their tank ran out, it was all over.

There's clearly no answer for Andre Miller. He's just too fast for Chauncey Billups. Sure, Billups didn't get a single shot in the last 45 seconds besides the desperation shot when it was already over, but it's clear that Mr. Big Shot is no more. Andre Miller should be able to do whatever he feels for this series.

And Reggie Evans. How could we forget Reggie-Misters-Grabber-Evans? Reggie Evans is clearly going to be the difference maker in this series. He's just bigger, stronger, and more powerful than that overrated Pistons frontcourt.

Yes, it's clear, this will be the series the Pistons take off completely, and we'll end up with a huge upset.

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