Monday, April 21, 2008

Let's Overreact!: Raptors Versus Magic Game 1

The best part about the playoffs is how after every single game, pundits completely overreact. With each game, there's a shift in the perception. The 8th seed wins a game? "Oh, they're going to make a series out of it!" The 5 seed wins at home? "They could sneak up on the 1 Seed next round!" All of this before the series has even ended. So starting today, we bring you a series of complete and total overreactions. Enjoy.

This is what they paid Rashard Lewis for.

This is why they gave Hedo some new life.

This is why they brought in J.J. Redick (you know, to teach Jameer Nelson how to shoot, since he actually plays).

When the Magic are launching threes like this and hitting them at such a high rate, they are unstoppable! And there is no reason to think they can be stopped. They are too quick, too smart, too team-oriented and have Dwight Howard down low to draw plenty of double and triple teams. I mean, really. You think RASHO is gonna guard him one on one? You see how that is gonna be. Rasho, Rasho, Rasho. Damn, I need me some cheezy doodles just thinking about that abomination of a NBA caliber player. T. Jose Caldeford is just not gonna get it done on the offensive end (well, maybe Calderon, in 30+ consistent minutes of action can get it done), but the Raptors cannot possibly contain the inside/outside passing and scoring game of the Magic. No wands or bunnies needed here. This was just a first class beatdown. Plus, the Magic have seemingly decided that defense makes up about 50% of the game. That being the case, they decided to actually give some effort on that end.

With Howard completely dominating the interior and causing Chris Bosh's natty dreads to fall out, this thing could be broom city. I don't care how quick Jason Kapono's release is, cause he's gonna need 40 threes to make up for his, and the rest of the Raptors perimeter player's, awful abortion of a defense. Send it home Superman, cause these Dinos ain't got no freakin' kryptonite. Damn, where are my damn cheezy doodles?

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