Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kasib Powell Is Sick Of Your Back Talk, And Won't Be Taking It Any More, Thanks

Oh, you KNEW I was gonna mention this.

(Image thanks to Yahoo!Sports/NBA/Getty Images, Photoshop idea ripped directly off of Need 4 Sheed. They do much more awesome pictures, but this once I wanted to use it.)

Doesn't matter that the Heat were better served losing this game. Doesn't matter that this more clearly illustrates how FUBARed the Bulls are at this point. Doesn't matter that no one believes in him.

Here are the facts.

The Miami Heat defeated (as in, WON!) the Chicago Bulls tonight.

Leading scorer?

NBA D-League Most Valuable Player 2008.

Kasib. F'ing. Powell.

18 points. 6 Rebounds. 3 Assists. 1 Turnover. 50% from the floor.

Ladies and Gentlemen, can I get a "D-LEAGUE!"?!!!

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