Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Lookz Into Ze Eyez Of Deth And He Turnz Hiz Bald Hed. He Scarz Of Me!

The following is a public service announcement from The Corndogg.

"You talkinz to me? You talkinz to ZaZa? Didn't fink zo. HAHAHAHA!"

KG might just be Mr. Intensity in 10 Cities, but I'll be damned if Atlanta is one. Leave it up to Zaza Pachulia to launch the first counterattack for the Hawks. He's mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore.

To be fair, the Hawks have always believed in themselves. Sometimes, to the point of delusion. Even when they were the butt of jokes since making that big trade, and bigger gamble, with $70 million for Joe Johnson, while the Suns got Boris Diaw and some excellent runs in the post-season. Even still, the Hawks felt they were on the right track. At their core, they are fighters and feel justified in being where they are right now. However, the simple act of resistance, pictured above, and fortitude shown by Pachulia in this picture was the start of something special for the Hawks last night.

In Game 3, they seemed to just barely be able to run away from the Celtics. In Game 4, they decided to plant themselves in the middle of the court and say "If you want a piece of us, you got it. Bring it on." Unfortunately for the Celtics, the only people who brought it were Joe Johnson and Josh Smith (who is going to be P.A.I.D. this summer).

I thought about this last night and realized that this series could really go seven games. I don't even mind being wrong (as I predicted the Celtics in 4 or 5, don't remember which), especially when being wrong is this much fun. Perhaps the Celtics are like that other deified Boston sports team this past season. Everyone feels they are unbeatable and unbreakable, until a bunch of upstarts no one believes in (and who, in case you forgot, provide some god-awful match-up problems for the C's) bust out the kryptonite and start beating down the warlords.

But then again, maybe its just another ploy by the most intense player to ever don a jersey, hoping to show his team that they can be punks too and if they don't bust their freaking butts every single night that all their hard work can be stripped from them like the Sonics from Seattle. Maybe that is what some people will have you think. Personally, I just think the Hawkz cames ready for tha big fightz!

The preceeding was a public service announcement from The Corndogg.

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