Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hardwood Paroxysm Playoff Preview: Atlanta Hawks

It's hard to keep track of everything you need to know about all the teams in the playoffs. So we thought we'd do a quick and dirty playoff preview with our favorite bloggers. We asked a simple 20 Question survey to bloggers from all of the playoff teams, and got responses back from most of them. We continue our previews with the Atlanta Hawks. Helping us out is a very special reader, Buteo jamaicensis. Enjoy.

1. Team Name: Kakkaw!
2. Biggest Star: Kaw Kakkaaw!
3. Playoff Seed: 8th.
4. Mascot's Name: Kreaak! (*Pecks at eyes)
5. Best player: Kaw! Kakkaw!
6. Most important player: Kaw Kaw Kreak! Kaw!
7. Better at zone or man: (*Defecates)
8. Grade your offense going into the playoffs: Kaw!
9. Grade your defense going into the playoffs: (Ruffles feathers)
10. Worst player: Kaw Kaw!
11. Glue guy: (*Swoops to corner and retrieves mouse)
12. Five words to describe the team heading into the playoffs: (*Devours mouse with voracity)
13. Best-case scenario: Kaw!
14. Worst case scenario: Kreaaawww! (*Ruffles feathers)
15. First player that comes to mind, "Thunder": Guh-runk.
16. First player that comes to mind, "Twinkie": Kakkaw kaw kaw!
17. Current emotion you feel about this team: (*Pecks at your bathing suit area)
18. Team you don't want to see in the next two months: Kaaaawww!
19. Team you want to see in the next two months: Kreakkaawww!
20. What food best describes this team?: (*Flies off with your wallet)

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