Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hardwood Paroxysm Playoff Preview: Dallas Mavericks

It's hard to keep track of everything you need to know about all the teams in the playoffs. So we thought we'd do a quick and dirty playoff preview with our favorite bloggers. We asked a simple 20 Question survey to bloggers from all of the playoff teams, and got responses back from most of them. We continue our previews with the Dallas Mavericks and Jake from Mavs Moneyball.

1. Team Name: Dallas "We won't lose to the eighth seed this year because we may actually be the eighth seed this year" Mavericks
2. Biggest Star: Dirk
3. Playoff Seed: 7th...maaaaaaaaybe 8th.
4. Mascot's Name: Mavs Man, or is it the Maniacs, or is it the kids firing those t-shirts into the crowd? Cuban pays for so many I just don't know. (Ed. Note: As you can see above, there are actually two different Mavs mascots. The slightly homoerotic "Champ" and the babemagnet "Mavs Man." I for one find it refreshing that Cuban is not only reaching out to bloggers, but also the homosexual community. When I find the first homosexual NBA Blogger, I'm sending him to work for the Mavs.)
5. Best player: Dirk Nowitzki
6. Most important player: Dirk Nowitzki.
7. Better at zone or man: Zone? Zone is for pussies.
8. Grade your offense going into the playoffs: B+
9. Grade your defense going into the playoffs: A-
10. Worst player: Jamal Magloire (I think. I mean I haven't really seen him play in like three years. Has he played in three years?)
11. Glue guy: Jason Terry
12. Five words to describe the team heading into the playoffs: "Peaking at the right time" or "I wish Nowitzki was healthy"
13. Best-case scenario: NBA championship (Not likely but possible)
14. Worst case scenario: Out in round one in a four game sweep (Not likely but possible)
15. First player that comes to mind, "Thunder": Jerry Stackhouse
16. First player that comes to mind, "Twinkie": This is actually difficult to answer. We aren't really a "tough" team, but we don't have any flat out twinkies either. Maybe Barea because even I could post him up.
17. Current emotion you feel about this team: Cautiously optimistic
18. Team you don't want to see in the next two months: Boston
19. Team you want to see in the next two months: Atlanta (one can dream...)
20. What food best describes this team?: Cajun chicken. Looks rather ordinary but is surpisingly potent.

Jake's Take: The Mavs are in an interesting place. They experimented and coasted, sometimes both, throughout the regular season. They tried to solve multiple problems with roster changes before the season and in trading for Jason Kidd, and heading into the playoffs it looks like they are at least partially where they wanted to be, but everything still feels too new and too inconsistent. If the Mavs can keep their intensity and focus throughout the playoffs, they could go all the way. But with the West as tough as it is, they could be out early, too. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if any team, from seeds 1 to 8, make it out of the west.

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