Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hardwood Paroxysm Playoff Preview: New Orleans Hornets

It's hard to keep track of everything you need to know about all the teams in the playoffs. So we thought we'd do a quick and dirty playoff preview with our favorite bloggers. We asked a simple 20 Question survey to bloggers from all of the playoff teams, and got responses back from most of them. We continue our previews with the New Orleans Hornets. Helping with the Hive is Ryan from Hornets 24-7. Enjoy.

1. Team Name: New Orleans Hornets
2. Biggest Star: Chris Paul
3. Playoff Seed: 2nd
4. Mascot's Name: Hugo the Hornet
5. Best player: Chris Paul
6. Most important player: Chris Paul(Should I just send in Paul for all my answers?)
7. Better at zone or man: Man - The Hornets rarely go zone and then only do it for a few posessions.
8. Grade your offense going into the playoffs: A- (The bench has made us much more efficient over the last few.)
9. Grade your defense going into the playoffs: B- (We're only play 2-3 quarters of good defense a game. Not good)
10. Worst player: Chris Andersen - he's not producing anything, doesn't know the defense at all, and is struggling badly. I'm pulling for him though.
11. Glue guy: Hmm - hard to pick just one. Used to be Bobby Jackson. Probably is Tyson Chandler now.
12. Five words to describe the team heading into the playoffs: Consistent, Consistent, Consistent, Consistent, ( 1. . 2. . 3. . 4, ahh one more) - Consistent!
13. Best-case scenario: Finals, facing the Celtics in a nasty throwdown
14. Worst case scenario: Bounced in first round and having the Jazz go to the Finals. Screw the Jazz.
15. First player that comes to mind, "Thunder": Tyson Chandler
16. First player that comes to mind, "Twinkie": Bonzi Wells
17. Current emotion you feel about this team: Ecstatic
18. Team you don't want to see in the next two months: Houston Rockets
19. Team you want to see in the next two months: Phoenix Suns(With the Jazz a close second - so we can beat the snot out of them)
20. What food best describes this team?: A mouth-watering and satisfying steak.

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