Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Half Thoughts: Wizards at Cavs

  • This is already the best start to the playoffs I've ever seen.
  • Arenas has come out absolutely lights out.
  • LeBron got smacked in the mouth and responded, but I still feel that right now, the Wizards are bullying the Cavs a little bit.
  • West is going to be a key for this team. Boobie's just not back enough, yet, and Wally's too inconsistent.
  • Blatche is very subtlely making contact and pulling down on LeBron on fouls. They want to send a message.
  • Arenas' bomb was huge, as was LeBron's dunk. This is going to be a series of big plays.
  • Freaking awesome.
  • Playoff series previews will be up as the day goes on, sorry for the delay, have been swamped.

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