Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Episode V: The (Starbucks) Empire Strikes Back

Let me break this down real quick for you.

July 2006:

Howard Schultz: Okay, I'll sell you the Sonics, Bennett. But you have to keep them in Seattle. Cool?

Clay Bennett: Sure, partner! Whatever you say! Wahhooo! Nope, we're in Seattle to stay!

*Schultz leaves.

Bennett: Sucker.

Bennett: I'm bringing the Sonics home, boys!

Bennett's partners: Wahoo! Sh*t howdy!

Seattle: Boo! You shouldn't have to sell out your arena to keep your team! Boo!

OKC: Um...thanks? This is... kind of awk...ward...Clay...

April 14, 2008:
Schultz: Hey, what a second! DO-OVER!!!!!!!!

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