Monday, April 21, 2008

Corn's Game One Thoughts

  • It was nice to hear that Big Baby Jesus almost cried after the Magic buried the Raptors. After so many rough years with unlikeable stars and even more unlikeable role players, the NBA has found a new wealth of humanity in the uprising unit. Howard, Paul, Durant -- these are relatable superstars. They are not just these freakishly athletic "holier than thou" stars of last generation. So keep that team on your back Dwight, cause we need you around as long as your Magic can last.
  • Did one of the NASA engineers in Houston invent a time machine and mistakenly let AK47 sneak inside? We haven't seen those kinds of games from him in a couple years. If he can maintain this level of offensive and defensive intensity, this Jazz team just got a whole lot scarier.
  • I know I jumped on the Sixers bandwagon a while back, but there is NO WAY I saw that one coming. I even went in to the office and did some work midway through the first half, cause I knew this one was over. Oh how your willingness to take series off still confounds me Detroit. But still, great job by Mo Cheeks, having his team ready to play and prepared to win. Also, nice job on the glass and at the line down the stretch, Iggy. You (unlike most of the other guys drafted before you in your class) have earned a big pay day.
  • The Lakers team has fully immersed itself in Kobe-tude. Sure, they get excited when great things happen. But, they don't go bananas, because they actually EXPECT those things to happen. I don't know that another team out there (with the possibility of Boston) truly expects to dominate in every game. Even the role players, so scared the past couple of years, have bought into this philosophy. And, much like Chuck Norris, it is deadly.
  • I probably put that Lebron dunk (even though it was not a game winner/momentum changer late in the game) in the Top 10 playoff plays of all time. I have seen it 25 times and am still not sick of it. Like Matt said, he is nova.
  • Boston is Boston. And that is still good enough to waltz out of the East nearly effortlessly. And with all due respect to the two new superstars, Paul Pierce looked as focus and as happy as I could remember. And that makes for very dangerous pure scorer.
  • My girlfriend (a fairly knowledgeable basketball fan -- but not necessarily an NBA fan) watched the highlights of Mavs/Hornets with me. Her mouth was agape watching CP3. She was like "Gosh, that little guy is so good. How does he do all that? He is amazing." And that is how we, as fans, feel when we are watching him every single second of every single game. What a guy.
  • I am 100,000% unsure of how to define that instant classic between the Suns and Spurs. Part of me can't help but think that if it takes that much from the Spurs every game to beat Phoenix, they are doomed. The other part of me saw the same snake-bitten team in orange, full of late game blunders and re-active (rather than active) coaching with too many mental errors. I may not make it through this series. My heart can't take it. So, if I pass, please still tell Clay Bennett that he is the biggest c#cksucker alive. Thanks.

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