Monday, April 7, 2008

Como Se Dice "Boom Tho"?

Apparently, Rod Benson has had his fill of the Dakota life. He states in the latest blog that he's ditching the D-League next season. This is kind of a blow for the D-League, as Benson's one of the more marketable "stars" they have. And with his youth, upside, and, you know, absurd length, it really hasn't made sense why he hasn't been called up. Let's take a look at the rest of the NBA D-League All-League selections.

1st Team:

Randy Livingston- NBA Experience
Eddie Gill- With the Sonics currently
Kasib Powell- Just got back from Miami.
Sean Banks- A rare exception, and only 22.
Ian Mahinmi- Spurs assignment player.

2nd Team:
Andre Barrett- NBA experience, just got back from the Clippers
Blake Ahearn- Currently with Miami, despite Ira Winderman's sulking.
Kaniel Dickens- Spent time with Cleveland this season.
Lance Allred- Currently on contract with the Cavs.
Rod Benson- WTF?!

3rd Team
Billy Thomas- Spent time with the Cavs; NBA Experience
Morris Almond- Jazz Assigment player
Carlos Powell- Oh, we'll get to Carlos shortly.
Marcus Williams- Currently with the Clippers.
Jelani McCoy-7 year NBA veteran.

Maybe you were wondering about Benson's numbers? I mean, after all, you don't get a D-League guy to score, you get him to rebound and play defense and if he can't do those things well then...

13 points, 12 rebounds per game, including 28 rebounds in one game.


For the love, of God, he's only 23 years old. Sign him, give him a min contract, send him down to the D-League to keep developing. Don't let this guy go to Europe. It would be such a waste of talent and charisma.

I talked to someone from the training staff for the D-League last Wednesday and they told me that Boom Tho was absolutely horrible in his first stint in the league. But seeing him now, "it's a complete 180; he does all the little things he didn't then. When he first came in, he was completely lost, now he looks like he knows where everything's going on the defensive side."

To be sure, there are some things to work on, and he does still get lost, especially in baseline coverage. But you're not looking for him to come in and shut down Tracy McGrady.

It's a shame, because Rod's done everything an NBA player can do in the D-League to earn a callup. So much of it, too much of it, depends on luck.

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