Monday, April 7, 2008

Blogger MVP Rankings Round 10

It's that time again.

Here's the latest round of the MVP Rankings, held by the classy but sassy Queen City Hoops.

Here are our rankings, for posterity, or whatever.

Rookie of the Year:

5 Points: Kevin Durant- Look, we're not going to reward Durant until he starts shooting better. I'm sorry, we just ca....what? He's shooting better? Really? Crap. Stupid "Having to hold up our end of the bargain..."

4 Points: Al Thornton- You realize that Thornton's 7 points behind Durant, .3 rebounds ahead of Durant, and 1.1 assists behind durant, averaging 8 few minutes? And his team has had more injuries and has more wins? Thornton is a superstar in the making.

3 Points: Al Horford- Dude grabs rebounds, scores downlow, has helped Atlanta get into the playoffs, and has pretty much managed to piss off every single Raptors fan in the country. Not bad for a first year.

2 Points: Luis Scola- The big thing with Scola is you have to ask, if he and Landry get better and mesh even more with Battier, how good is that frontcourt going to be with Yao for the next, oh, 7 years?!

1 Point: Thaddeus Young- Um. The Sixers are in the playoffs. That's pretty much all the kid needs for a point.


10 Points: Chris Paul- This thing has gotten so ridiculously tight, we're at a loss. Kobe's team has a great record, but his team is stacked and his stats aren't as great. LeBron's got the best stats but his team just can't win. Paul's got both. We've decided whoever gets the 1 seed, barring injury, gets our MVP vote. Right now it's New Orleans, so Paul gets it. You can't separate their contributions this season, so we'll give it to most wins. Oh, and the fact that I personally believe Chris Paul could perform alchemy with his transition pass, if he so chose.

9 Points: Kobe Bryant- So. They lose to Memphis, Charlotte, and almost to Washington. Then they get Gasol back, and they beat the Mavs. Um. Dude? At this point, I'm trying to find reasons to vote you so people will get off my back. But if you lose the fucking Grizzlies? I can't do that, without subsequently buying a Sasha Vujacic fathead. And I'm not buying a Sasha Vujacic fathead.

8 Points: LeBron James- I still believe LeBron is the best player in the NBA. And I still believe he's the guy I want with the ball for my last possession, and I believe his presence makes his team better. But his team is simply wretched right now, there's only so much of that I can ignore. So the King drops to third. You all see where this is going, right? Him going off on one of those 40 pts per game streaks in the playoffs, where he kills everyone? The writing's on the wall.

7 Points- Amare Stoudemire- We know, a big jump. Have you SEEN him in the last few weeks? It's not like he was weak for the rest of the season, but Amare, more so than any other player on this list, has improved as the season went on. People questioned his mid-range. So he developed that. People questioned his free throw shooting. He became absurdly good at it. And in the modified triangle offense Phoenix has developed, there's literally no answer for him. Bring the perimeter defender and Nash has a three. Bring the low post defense and he can lob it to Shaq perfectly. Don't bring help? Ha. Trust us. You want to bring help. Pick your poison, tall or talented.

6 Points- Kevin Garnett- I can't give it to a guy that doesn't have the numbers, who's team has proven it can win without him, who's team is absurdly talented, and hasn't had the "OMFG" game this year. It's no disrespect to Kevin Garnett, and when they win the championship, I don't think they'll mind so much.

5 Points- Dwight Howard- That seven foot fin in the water you see is Howard coming with no attention paid to him. The Magic won their division, locked up the three seed, and have had flashes of sheer brilliance. Big Beastly Jesus has earned some credit, even if he hasn't been the best.

4 Points- Manu Ginobili: Versatile, talented, committed on defense, surprisingly quick. Possibly the best player in the game at annoying other team's fans. That's got to count for something, right?

3 Points- Steve Nash- Will do whatever it takes to win. Always, has, always will.

2 Points- Deron Williams- There was a sequence in the curb check the Jazz put on the Spurs the other night, where Deron stripped a pass, took it down court, made the break away pass for the easy lay-in. And then got back on defense. He's so talented, and he gets better each game. Plus, he allows me the opportunity to write "Went to a partly last Saturday night, Deron-Run-Run, Deron-Run-Run."

1 Point: Tracy McGrady- The Rockets won more games than we thought they were going to. They did it without Yao Ming. I really can't do anything BUT give Tracy a point. Call it a parting gift.

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