Monday, April 28, 2008

Because There Is Going To Be Way Too Much Talk About This BS, I Have Decided To Settle It Once And For All

The following is a special public service announcement from The Corndogg.

Jason Kidd should be suspended for Game 5 against the Hornets. Period. Fin. Over.
Not to recall everyone's (very much including my own) bitching topic from last year, but if Amare and Diaw get docked a game (AND THIS WAS A GAME THAT MATTERED!) for stepping four freakin' feet off the bench last year against San Antonio, then a man who violently horse collars a guy in mid-air just as the victim's team is starting to put the game away, then he should get a game. No other argument.

I know the two scenarios are different. Amare and Diaw broke a "rule." Well, you know what? So did Kidd. The NBA penalizes people who commit fouls. If you commit enough of them, you are sent out of the game. If you commit too many technical fouls, you are ejected as well. Sometimes, you get suspended for those. Therefore, if a foul that you commit comes striking close to causing a major injury to another player and you don't pull a Duncan face (as if you did nothing wrong), then it is vicious and irresponsible basketball. Plus, awful sportsmanship.

So if the NBA brass has any balls (I hate to bring common sense into the equation, because that could be debated for years), they will suspend Kidd. Why does it have to take someone getting seriously hurt, which Pargo could have been, before they act? Oh, they can stop a couple of guys jumping off a bench in the heat of a moment to check on a teammate who got hip checked into the scorer's table, but a guy who could have single handedly ruined a guy's career and paralyzed him for life just gets a couple of "aw schucks" comments and a bad tongue lashing? The NBA makes me want to vomit. Just do what is right and suspend Kidd. So we can quit talking about this useless moment in series that is D-O-N-E, DONE!

The preceeding was a special public service announcement from The Corndogg.

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