Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ball Movements 4.9.08: Replacements Edition

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight: Songs By The Replacements Edition

Majorly strapped for time today, and the Corndogg is once again AWOL. But we won't leave you hanging, no. We made it through the two games a day days, we can make it through this. So we're going to leave you with one Replacements song for each game. Why? Because the Replacements kick ass. That's why.

Milwaukee at Toronto, 7PM EST: "The Ledge"- As in, Toronto's fans will be standing on it if they don't win this game.

Detroit at Philadelphia, 7PM EST: "Bastards of Young"- My favorite Replacements song goes to a game that will probably feature a youth infusion as Detroit rests its starters against a Philadelphia team that is still in its kiddie britches.

Boston at Washington, 7PM EST: "Talent Show:- Zero's back on parade, baby. And he gets to show his stuff against a resting Celtics team. Unless they decide to put the smack down to teach the Wiz a lesson like a young pup that did its business inside.

Chicago at Orlando, 7PM EST: "Who Knows" Who knows how far Orlando will go in the playoffs? Who knows how far the Bulls will fall apart in the offseason?

Charlotte At New York, 7:30PM EST: "Anywhere's Better Than Here" - Yup.

New Orleans at Minnesota, 8PM EST: "Shootin' Dirty Pool" - That's what this is going to feel like for a frustrated New Orleans team that wants to flex its guns.

Seattle at Houston, 8:30PM EST: "Beer For Breakfast" That's what most of the Sonics want to do, plus it makes me think of the Dream Shake getting plastered at 9AM with Rafer and Scola.

Phoenix at San Antonio, 9:30PM EST: "Can't Hardly Wait" -Indeed.

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