Monday, April 14, 2008

Ball Movements 4.12.08

Sorry, folks, things got away from us tonight and I've got a hot date with the HOT Paroxi-wife, so we're doing "5 Words or Less" BMs today. Enjoy, we'll be back for the final two days of regular season ball movements tomorrow.

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

Miami at Toronto, 7:00PM EST: D-Leaguers might beat Dino disasters.

Cleveland at Philadelphia, 7:00PM EST: Both teams: "Stop The Bleeding!"

Indiana at Washington, 7:00PM EST: The Hooser Hail Mary

Boston at New York, 7:30 PM EST: One more beatdown for posterity.

Chicago at Milwaukee, 8:00PM EST: Crickets chirp.

Houston at Utah, 9:00PM EST: Continuing to sort the clusterf*ck.

Golden State at Phoenix, 10:00PM EST: Let's Go Warriors.

San Antonio at Sacramento, 10:00 PM EST: Oh, No! Giant Snake Eggs!

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