Friday, April 11, 2008

Ball Movements 4.11.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA tonight

My Rights Versus Yours: On a long, long, long 3AM drive back to Austin from Dallas last night, I heard this song and realized it's the perfect song for tonight. Kobe versus CP3. Hornets versus Lakers. The new empire of rags. Just trust me. Kobe thinks the MVP is his, because he can jump over imaginary cars. CP3 wants the MVP because his team is on top, for now. CP3 and the Hornets want to hold on to the #1 seed. The Lakers need to send a message after their recent mini-slump. It's a showdown. Just in time. Now it's your rights versus mine. New Orleans at LA Lakers, 10:30PM EST.

Quien Es Mas Importante? (Via the Corndogg): Seriously, what means more to either franchise: shoring up a playoff birth for the Hawks or tying a franchise worst 23 wins for the Knicks? They both have their own mystique. Something tells me Isiah would be beaming ear to ear just to know that he is on the level with Larry Brown's Knicks. Which is its own joke. Look for Josh Smith to boost his Free Agent stock considerably tonight, in a blowout. Atlanta at New York, 7:30.

It's Gotta Be Better Than That New Tyler Perry Joint (Via the Corndogg): Yeah, I said it, watching the Grizz/Heat game for free is better than paying for entertainment produced by Tyler Perry. Something tells me that such a comment is not a stretch. Plus, you get to see Matt's D-League All-Stars. And that will make him happy. Plus, Darko. Memphis at Miami, 7:30PM EST.

The Big Shaqtus Comes To Town (Via the Corndogg): Although you are my new friend on Facebook, Grunge Dave, your boys are going to be sucking Diesel fumes tonight. Told you that 6th seed was gonna be looking good. T-Mac vs. Kobe in the first round. Something's Gotta Give. Amare (and his bruised sternum) will dominate tonight. (P.S. Check out Dave's excellent interview over at Bright Side. A great read). Phoenix at Houston, 8:30PM EST.


Washington at Detroit, 8PM EST: You'd think that if the Wiz can beat the Celtics at full strength, they can beat the Pistons' bench, right? That's what so great about the Wiz and the Pistons. They could show up, they could not. It's really whatever they feel like. If they both decide to take the night off, it's going to be like a shortbus circus.

New Jersey at Toronto, 7PM EST: Bosh destroy puny Half-Man, Half-Season! Rargh! Build false confidence for playoffs! Rargh!

Indiana at Philadelphia, 7PM EST: It's a lot like the end of Last Crusade. But only, instead of escaping, Indy falls down the pit into nothingness forever. The end. Oh, and the Pit is named Louis Williams of all indignities.

Minnesota at Orlando, 7PM EST: If you turn the TV on and you think you're watching Godzilla versus MechaGodzilla, you're not. It's just the Harbinger versus Big Beastly Jesus. Only instead of small Tokyo people screaming, it's Keyon Dooling.

Cleveland at Chicago, 7PM EST: Again! Man, I could never get tired of this matchup! It's so aweso....zzzz...what? LeBron score 100? With back pain? While knitting a scarf? Wow! I'm not even mad, blah, blah, you know the Anchorman quote. Look, here's something more entertaining than this game:

There. Isn't that better?

Milwaukee at Boston, 7:30PM: You know, they could just show Dr. Giggles instead of this. Would be less painful that way. But hey, CNuv is in the house, wreckin' your stat lines! Also, watch Rondo annihilate the Milwaukee back court.

Seattle at San Antonio, 8:30PM EST: Kurt Thomas faces off against his former teammates!... No, not those guys. ... No, not them either. ... No, that was three years ago. ... Okay, look, it's the Sonics, okay! San Antonio Spurs at Seattle Sonics. What do you mean they're not in Seattle next yea.... damn it all!

Portland at Sacramento: "No, MY undersized dynamic shooting guard is better!" "No, my underrated wingmen are better!" "No, my LaMarcus Aldridge is bet...oh."

Have a good weekend, all! I'll probably liveblog Lakers-Spurs. And you know what that means! Hate Hate Hate!

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