Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And If We Don't Get More Artest This Season, We Still Got This Guy


Something that has not fully engendered itself to HP just yet is the amazingness of Deshawn Stevenson. Perhaps it's because he is not a super-duper star. Or that he is the #4 guy on his team. Or maybe it is because Dan Steinberg covers him (and the rest of the Wizards) so precisely over at the terrific D.C. Sport Bog. Stevenson even has a "mentor" in Agent Zero on that team. Artest got crazy all by himself. However, when you read about a playoff contending team that allows one of its difference makers to do the following, you just gotta love it:

he [Deshawn] was considering a Kobe Bryant Day, in which he'd "cuss everybody out, tell 'em to pass me the ball so I can go one on one."

Now, we are just hoping Deshawn has an Artest day. Hell, maybe he even saves that gem for next year when the Wizz head to Arco. Can you imagine Stevenson traipsing around Sacramento, being terrified of "giant snake eggs," loading up on organic cookies before the game, shaving "Tru Warrior" in his beard and going bananas on defense for 30+ minutes? It's like Face Off, only without the vomit-inducing, botox filled grill of John Travolta.

And keep in mind, as well as the Wizz have been playing down the stretch (assuming Jamison is OK), they could conceivably get Boston in the second round, who they have owned this year. Perhaps we will get a few more characters before summertime gets here, yet. Bring it on, Locksmith!

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