Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Addendum To My Suicide Note, Previously Posted

Via the Corndogg...

If you want to read about the positive impact the Suns and D'Antoni have made to the NBA (which you can be sure I am very well aware of, as well as supremely appreciative), then go check out this wonderfully written piece at Truehoop. In fact, you probably stopped by there before you got here. And, if that was the case, you are smart. Forgive my tirades, or as Matt would like to say, "assassinations," on the team over which he and I built our great friendship. I had to say those things, because I am hurt so deep and needed to get them out. I love the Suns and what they have done for the NBA. I wouldn't be writing a blog or funneling off 90% of my work duties so I could follow the league if it were not for them. I just wanted to be honest. For this time (and it surely won't be the last), I didn't want to be a journalist. I wanted to speak as a fan.

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