Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why Must You Tempt Me, Mark? Why?

So after all the hub-hub on Friday, I got in touch with the Mavericks' media office. Some very nice people fielded my call and told me what to submit and said they'd have an answer for me in the beginning of next week.

But that wasn't enough.

Cuban's now asking for personal submissions. (Thanks to Dallas Basketball. Both for the kind words and the link.)

Oh, Holy Christ.

It's such a brilliant move. By basically calling us before the throne, he single handedly manages to wrangle control of the situation. The submissions in the comments range from pretty good to "Oh, Dear God, Please No. "

So what to do, is really the question? I asked for bloggers to treat this situation professionally. And I've done everything I can to pursue credentials to that end. But should I take advantage of this opportunity and ask Cuban? I could shoot him the D-League prez interview, that was pretty well received. The Ball Movements may not impress him so much. My analysis pieces get good run.

But the more I think about it, I can't. I respect what Mark's trying to do, he's trying to push the envelope, testing the waters. And that's cool. But I can't go there and petition myself. To do so would be hypocritical and while not necessarily beneath me, because that's a pretty small space, it would be in complete contrast to everything I've asked of the blogosphere on this issue.

So, I'm not going to do it. I just feel that if we go out there and try and sell ourselves, we're saying that we need special attention from Mark. And we shouldn't. There's a lot of people that don't need it, and shouldn't get credentials. I really hope he doesn't use this to make us look like idiots. That would be bad. And relatively easy, using this new approach.

I don't blame any blogger for submitting their stuff for approval in the comments. I just don't think I can in good conscience.

(If any of you wanted to, though... no, that's wrong too... but maybe... no... Jesus, the battle between my pride and my desperate need for approval is epic!)

Wouldn't it be funny if I didn't get credentialed and the guys that comment did?

Oh, and Mark? You're absolutely right that a lot of the bloggers have no business in the locker room because they just don't need it. The problem is that if this ends badly you set a dangerous precedent for us getting access at all. And that's not good for the medium.

And if any of you were wondering what we would get out of it? Trust me, I have a column I'm working on that would benefit quite a bit from asking some locker room questions.

I find myself in a pretty dangerous position. And an interesting irony. If for whatever reason, I'm left out because I don't apply on Cuban's blog, I'm unable to represent the blogosphere as an independent blogger while someone with less credibility could get credentials, thereby proving a point for those that think we don't belong there. And that upsets me. But then, isn't that probably how the beat writers from the Dallas Morning News or Fort Worth Telegram feel about us?

I expected a variety of opinions when I announced I was going to apply. I asked folks if they honestly thought I should. There were basically two opinions. One, "Absolutely. Yes you should." and two, "This has nothing to do with bloggers and is really stupid and quit messaging me on GChat while I'm watching reruns of the Hills." And because I tried to take the high road in this situation, I may miss the trip completely.

But after every rationalization I make, I come to the same conclusion. I spoke to the media office. I followed the same procedures as any representative of any medium. That should be sufficient. I'm trusting Mr. Cuban to be good on his word.

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