Monday, March 3, 2008


We get linked on Simmons' link section, flooding us with hits, and of course, we get tagged as a "Bucks blog."

That's what we get for calling him a douchenozzle, we suppose.

"Oh, I'm a douchenozzle, am I? Yeah, well, you're a Milwaukee blog, now, bitches! Because Sports! Guy! Said so!"

Part of us is actually tempted to become Bucks fans... no, wait, we're not suicidal.

Unless Bill gets the gig!

Also, I know, I know. It's f*cking hard to spell "paroxysm." I get that. It's part of it's charm, in my opinion. But after Deadspin, Yahoo!, and various other sites have misspelled it, I was so glad Simmons got it right. Until I noticed he spelled "hardwood" wrong.

We officially have the most often-typo'd blog name in existence. Right now some dude is making a fortune off of "" and ""

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