Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Open Thread 3.30.08

JVG on Mark Jackson's MVP picks: "I can't believe you have Kobe up there after losing to the Bobcats and Grizzlies."

Mark Jackson: "Kobe has better numbers."

JVG: "Oh, I forget that's why we play this game. We don't play for wins. We play for numbers."

JVG (later): Chris Paul. He has terrific numbers, they have a better record than the Lakers, and he's been amazing all season.

Mark Jackson: I'm so glad I don't think like you.

Jeff Van Gundy. Man among boys.

2:21PM: I'm glad I didn't live blog this disaster. Spurs play their usual defense, shut down the Rockets, and Memphis is just plain better at basketball than Texas. Bad day for the Dream Shake fellas.

I'll pop in periodically before liveblogging Mavs-Warriors tonight.

Oh, and Corn just told me that he believes Derrick Rose is the best college freshman since Jason Williams.

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