Friday, March 28, 2008

Quick D-League Thoughts

Thanks to everybody that's been linking to the Reed interview. It was the featured story on today which pretty much made my day. So thanks again.

First off, go vote for the D-League in the bedlam tournament. Please. Come on. I've made the case over the last three months. Help me out. You know you want to.

Oh, Daily Dime. And you'd been so quiet lately Too. But noooo...

Kasib Powell, Heat forward: Who? Spends 34 minutes on the court in an 85-69 loss to the Pistons, missing 7 of 8 shots. The Heat's newcomers, including Powell, Stephane Lasme and Blake Ahearn, are making Chris Quinn seem like a household name.
Really? So the fact that Ahearn and Lasme combined for 23 points and 8 rebounds last night is just, what? Luck? How about Powell's 14 points the night before? Oh, and this is only their third game with the team? Oh, that's completely irrelevant. Face it, Dime. You took a cheap opportunity to rag on the D-League guys. Weak. Kasib had a terrible game last night, like I figured he would going up against the Pistons' size and speed. But to write off the trio when they're busting themselves is kind of a cheap shot. Could you tell me how awesome Kobe is again?

Developmental Education this weekend.

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