Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Look, we dig March Madness, too. We've got a bajillion brackets. We're failing at all of them, but we're doing it. We watched the coverage. It's cute, we admit it. It's nice to see Davidson doing what they do until they eventually get annihilated. But make no mistake, we're still watching the big boys. Because they don't score 50 points in a game unless they're the Heat. But in the most competitive playoff race in years, with ratings for the NCAA Tournament down and ratings for the NBA way up, surely people have begun to see past the cute little ruse of Cinderella, right?


What are you, kidding me? Tonight is Suns versus freaking Celtics! You've got Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Shaquillle O'Neal, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce on one floor! And you're telling me I shouldn't care about this game, so that I can focus on tomorrow night's epic matchup between some scrub team that was lucky enough to get by a giant that fell asleep at the wheel, against a team that will inevitably send them home to talk about how exciting it was when they won a whole TWO GAMES in a row! Before they're blasted from the face of the Earth like they were mutants in Doom.

And oh, "every game counts! They really care!"

Please. Those kids go out and party just the same. Tomorrow it's just another game to them. Meanwhile, the pros go out there, do their job, then go shower and get dressed so they can get on the plane to go do it again. They're professional. That's the key word. As in, not amateur. So when Western Kentucky is getting sent back to where they inevitably will return to, and the no.1 seeds are rolling while 8 friggin' teams in the West vie for homecourt on a nightly basis, you remind yourself that you're watching the superior of the two.

Although, it does make a lot of sense since the author is a Bobcats fan. Jeez. I'd want to watch Davidson, too. Nice Bobcats, blog, though.

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