Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nice Call: Dunleavy Needs To Do His Research

So about a week ago, I found this little gem from Clippers' coach Mike Dunleavy.

"You got a choice between Smush Parker or the NBDL," Dunleavy said. "Smush Parker or the NBDL? Which way are you going to go?"

I was kind of livid about that, since I would take Andre Barrett and his upside or about ten other D-League guys with upside over Smush Parker, the human trainwreck.

Then, God smiled down on me.

I was talking to D-League President Dan Reed (that killer interview will be up tomorrow; the man is sharp as a freaking machete) about the quote, when he politely passed on commenting on it, but did mention the irony of the statement.

"What irony?" you ask?

Smush played in the D-League.

Which proves two things. One, not all D-League players work out in the end. And second, Mike Dunleavy needs to try doing a little research.

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