Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kobe Bryant Blog Day!: Running Thread

It's the day! The most glorious day of... the last week...?

Either way, we're hear to praise Kobe Bryant. We'll be updating this today with all the links of those joining us in this celebration of Bean, the Black Mamba.

Hail Kobe!

If you want an explanation for what the hell went on today and where this thing came from, click here.

First off, since it's technically the 11th in Japan... With Malice has brought the Photoshop madness. By With Malice.

Nun-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh... BatKobe! By Skeets.

Blacka Mamba and the Basketball Jesus from Queen City Hoops.

An excellent primer from Dave over at NBA.com.

Empty The Bench declares the current season debate...OVER.

Bright Side of the Sun bitterly swallows the pill and grants Kobe his greatness for a game (of course, that's a game the Lakers lost, but if we threw all those out...). Thanks to TexSun over there for giving it the old college try.

Dave over at NBA.com reviews his work on Mr. Bean.

A brief retrospective from Dehydration Blog.

Indy Cornrows is proud to have Kobe on America's side.

Clips Nation is rockin' the love, for one day only.

With Malice shares Genius #5.

The On=Deck Circle welcomes their corner to KB311.

Dave from NBA.com shares a look back at Kobe through photos.

And also in video. Dave is happier about today than anyone else I've seen.

It's Kobe's World and The Dream Shake is just living in it.

A letter to Kobe, sincerely, Have You Seen Me Dunk?

On 205th has the rapness to go with the greatness.

BrewHoop knows it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

Sactown Royalty is just guessing, at numbers and figures. Pulling Kobe's puzzles apart.

Do it yourself Mamba Rap Kit by Dinosty!

The Blowtorch lays it out for us.

The On Deck Circle is rockin' the 81 for Video of the Day.

Sham Sports expounds and expounds and expounds in the search for originality today.

KD, in usual KD goodness, lays out the argument that Kobe's 81 was on par with Wilt's 100.

The Dream Shake envisions Kobe in Top Gun.

Corn represents HP on this glorious day.

Dave from NBA.com covers what would have happened if the Hornets had stuck with Kobe.

The On-Deck Circle examines what it is about Kobe that is so polarizing.

Stop Mike Lupica is never going to give up on Kobe.

Red's Army praises Kobe with the nicest thing he can say about him. He hates him.

I take a look at Kobe's best move: the jumper.

Dan Shanoff has joined the fray.

Gilbertology checks in with how Gilbert feels about Kobe.

SLAM Online has recognized the holiday. And they said we were good people. Boy, do they have bad sources.

Forum Blue and Gold gives thanks for Bean.

Kobe in pictures, more from Dave at NBA.com.

Basketbawful reluctantly pays homage to Kobe's work ethic.

Give Me The Rock wants retroactive credit.

Kobe, the early years. More from Dave at NBA.com.

The Fanhouse has joined the fray with favorite videos.

Kobe's Nike Site is swimming in the love. (I swear to God, Kobe, if you win the MVP, I want autographed shoes to auction off for charity for this.)

We just want to state that this... thing.. from LABallTalk is not disturbing in any way, shape or form.

Even the Phillippines love Kobe!

There's a LeBron hater loving Kobe each and every day.

The LA Times has noticed us, though they prefer to party KB24 style EVERY day.

The Hardwood Paroxiwife thinks she's a funny woman.

After several great posts, The On-Deck Circle absolutely nails one out the park.

Hmmm... the same day as Kobe Bryant Blog Day. Interesting. A coincidence? ... Okay, yeah, a coincidence. But still!

Kobe's biggest improvement, from MVN's Lakers Blog.

Brandon Hoffman, contributor to RealGM and the Foxsports Blogging community tells us why hatred for Kobe is all about perception.

Sports Tsar rains the love.

What goes on behind his eyes.

All day long, I waited for RespectKobe.com to get in on the act. And they have not disappointed. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Kobe Bryant: Undefeated.

Bandwagon LA is...um...on...the bandwagon...awkward...

Intentional Foul drops some mad poetry.

The Evolution of Mamba.

Hoops Addict looks at Mamba as an MVP.

MVN looks back at Kobe as a youngster! Wasn't he cute?! (Yes, I'm starting to crack at hour 18.)

Kobe can do whatever he wants, and is therefore like Darth Vader, according to 3 Shades of Blue.

More FoxSports community madness with Tyra Banks!

HoopsAddict officially recognizes this grand day.

Apparently there's this "website" called "MySpace" and even the blogs there are talking about it!

Kobe Bryant Blog Day down under!

The craziness from Dave at NBA.com keeps coming! Keep it up, Dave! Only seven more!

A haiku from Bright Side of the Sun.

KB24 has unofficially participated. We're sad they weren't willing to officially commit as had been indicated to us through back channels, but we know someone over there knows we know they know we know. Even if we did call the guy a douchebag (Kobe, not the guy over at KB24.com. He was cool).

Bullets Forever was kind enough to drop in their own memories.

Matt Hubert looks back at High School Kobe.

Dave gets closer...

Who knew there were so many Philippine Lakers fans?!

Say what you want about Lakers fans, they know how to take advantage of a situation.


Darth Kobe by Unintentional Foul.

And Dave is ...


Ladies and gentlemen, tip your hat, standing ovation, pat on the ass, something, give it up for Dave over at NBA.com's Court Reporters. Homey, that is devotion.

Basketballogy has a quiz to close the day.

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By the way, if you're like Kyle in the comments, and a little bit lost, here's where this whole idea came from. Hint: It's not to get invited to Mamba's Christmas party.

It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel...I'm weak... the Kobe love has weakened me. Must...say...something...negative...

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