Monday, March 31, 2008

In Due Respect: A Mavs Moneyball Writer On Cuban's Request

This comment popped up in the other post, and I wanted to post it to get people's thoughts on it. I'm tempted to respond in a myriad of ways, including challenging him on the fact that he did apply on Cuban's blog, and certainly to answer the calls that I'm being arrogant by not applying. But this is a place for discussion, and his voice certainly warrants being heard. Maybe he's right, even though I've actually done some legit reporting on here. The only thing I will say is that when I posted the piece about not applying, the unanimous response (up until this comment) was "Don't sell yourself short." So even though I may not think I'm that big of a deal, certain bloggers I respect (and I'd mention my readers do too), advised me to stick with my guns.

Here's the comment:

As I wrote about on, I applied for credentials way back in July of last year. I was turned down because the front office policy wasn't to credential Internet-only sites. So, in my opinion, Mark is simply giving the little guy a chance. He's done it in a rather awkward and easy-to-criticize way, but I'm sure he really doesn't much care.

Frankly, I'm rather shocked by the arrogance on display by the hobbyist bloggers. We aren't at all journalists here. We're part-time guys getting our opinions and analyses out. As much as I think the Dallas sports media generally stink, they reach hundreds of thousands of people and it makes sense for the Mavs to credential them. Should every Tom, Dick, and Harry blogger get credentials? C'mon, you read the comments to Cuban's post. Some of them in the locker room would be downright embarrassing.

Henry at Truehoop is right that there should be SOME kind of criteria, because I do think there are some pretty good part-time bloggers out there doing better work than lazy mainstream media journalists. But how do you decide? Cuban is basically saying, "Submit a writing sample," which is about as good a way as any at this point.

If people think that having to audition for free game tickets, parking, and access to the locker room is beneath them, then they need to have their egos brought under control.

Update: BlogABull agrees with Jake. I should put a "Is Matt A Douchebag For Thinking He's Credible?" poll or something. Wait, Corn will flood the poll with "Yes" answers.

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