Monday, March 17, 2008

Great Exercises in Internet NBA-Related Postings 3.17.08

  • Salvatore passes a milestone.
  • BrewHoop has a recap of the paper-bag protest which went pretty well, all thinks considered.
  • A whole slew of analysis on meeting teams in the playoffs from bloggers is out, headed by Skeets.
  • I want it stated for the record that Corn came up with this idea in September. He's been telling me incessantly that Gilbert's going to sign with the Clip. I still don't buy it.
  • TrueHoop echoes my sentiments. Or maybe I echo his. Either way, Tracy McGrady is far from most valuable on his team, and as a matter of fact, one McGrady to Chicago for Gordon and Hinrich trade back in January and we'd be looking at the Rockets like a title contender, they'd be so deep.
  • The Bulls have some tough choices up.
  • Yes, that's right. The Knicks would probably be better off with new ownership. Thanks.
  • Winderman goes over what the Heat should do with it's free agents. Preview: pink slip, pink slip, you rule, pink slip...
  • Ah-ha! Surely after yesterday's team-oriented dismantling of the Lakers, the Association MUST give the Rockets credit now! ...Oh. I also find it funny that fans of a team notorious for bandwaggoners is now criticizing the Houston Rockets for everyone's similar reaction to it. "Hey! You can't make premature evaluations of a team based on short-term regular season success, expressing the possibility of legitimacy! That's our bit!"
  • Swamp Thing's coming back. Yes, from now on, I'm calling Larry Brown Swamp Thing.
  • What's funny is Popovich will act like it's about "playing right" and putting forward the right kind of effort but in reality, you know he's saying "the regular season can blow me. I'm just trying to get to April with nobody on IR."
  • You remember Matt Barnes, right world?
  • Let's talk about the Rockets. Here's why Kobe's so good... wait. What?
  • A great look at an HP fave- Julian Wright.
  • Lamar Odom was looking for his teammates to give him more opportunities to shrivel up and die in the post like the lost little girl he's become down there. Look, this really isn't a complete knock on Odom. I've always liked his game. I liked it since Miami. But the man is just not fierce. He's just not. Quit trying to make him into that. Insert "When Bynum gets back, everyone's f*cked with that frontcourt" remark here.
  • Like I said in the liveblog, the weakside baseline help was tremendous yesterday. And this goes to show how much Kobe helps his teammates. Wait, what?
  • Bad sign: Peter Vescey making fun of you for being out there.
  • This Just In: The Shaq Trade Was Dumb.
  • Somebody's drinking the Kool-Aid. This is going to be fascinating. The Sixers are turning into one of Corn's absolute favorite teams, and one he says to "watch out" for in the playoffs. On the other hand, while everyone's busy burying the Rockets and saying this streak is overrated, I'm not sold on the Sixers. At all. The kids are going to run out of gas, Andre Miller is going to find himself against better defense, and the Sixers are going out in the first round, if they make it that far.
  • Am I the only one that caught that he's essentially inching towards comparing himself to Christ?
  • The only way the New York situation could get better: Isiah remains coach, Billy King takes over GM. Please, Lord.
  • Raptors fans: The suffering is almost over.
  • A fascinating idea about the NBA and NCAA taking over Youth basketball.
  • You know, it's always nice when franchises go through hard times and then when they get good, they maintain that same humility that they learned through... oh. Look, I'm just telling you, Celtics fans. Every team the Rockets have crossed have suddenly come up with a terrible injury at an inopportune time. So don't come crying to me if Pierce (*crosses fingers*) comes up lame tonight. You'll have brought it on yourself.

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