Monday, March 10, 2008

Eve of Destruction: Kobe Bryant Blog Day Tomorrow!

Twas the night before Kobe Day and all through the web
Not a player was stirring, not even Lance Allred.

Yes, it's that time, ladies and germs. Time to take one day and say how you really feel about Kobe. Or at least, all the nice things you really feel about Kobe. To praise that perfect jumper, the clutch performances, that smug grin.

Here's a list of those we know are participating. If you're planning on it, and want to be listed, either let me know before hand, or just drop me a line when you've got your post(s) up.

Sactown Royalty
Empty The Bench
The Blowtorch
Bright Side Of The Sun
The Dream Shake
With Malice
Queen City Hoops
Three Shades Of Blue
Indy Cornrows
Inside Nike Basketball: Kobe Bryant (Don't ask us, we're just as baffled as you.)
Respect Kobe
Sham Sports
Have You Seen Me Dunk?
Red's Army
Stop Mike Lupica
Dave McMenamin of
Forum Blue and Gold
The On Deck Circle
Epic Carnival

Here are some ground rules.

1. This isn't facetious. If you have negative things to say about Kobe, save it for every other day of the year. We may even have a Kobe hate day, but we'll have to see about that. For this day, though, you should let out all your positive stuff that you keep inside. For example, about ten times per Laker game, Kobe does something that my instinct is for me to suddenly stand up, mouth agape, throw my arms in the air, and go "Wahoo!". But just before I'm about to take that leap, I realize it's Kobe, and I act like I was just getting up to go get some tuna salad (mmm....pickles...).

Well, tomorrow is the day where we get to expound on these virtues. It's time to give him his day in the sun, free from LeBron comparison, free from MJ comparison, free from criticism of his inability to get to the finals without Shaq, of his nights where he takes 40+ shots, free from criticism of his off season antics.

It's Kobe Bryant Blog day, and we come to praise Kobe, not to bury him.

2. Share the love. We really aren't looking for the hits. We know that sounds like a lie, but one day of traffic based off of your stuff isn't going to suddenly make us millions. Especially since we don't have any ads here on HP. Just drop us a line in email or comments and let us know you've got something up, so we can add it to the main article tomorrow that will have all the stuff we've found or been sent on KB311. That way we can all share in the glorious light of his 81-pointness.

3. No hating on the others. Just as those of us that aren't so much fans of Mr. Bryant should refrain from dogging him on this sacred day, so should his defenders refrain from trying to drag down the King. This day is about no one but the Mamba. Keep your eyes on the prize. The total adulation of Kobe.

4. Be creative! Because God knows we won't be.

We'll be posting a main link tomorrow. Drop us a line at hardwoodparoxysm (at) gmail (dot) com, if you want to be included on the email list for tomorrow.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and we'll see you tomorrow for the fireworks show.

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