Sunday, March 30, 2008

Classy, Paul. Classy.

After the latest mudhole stomping the Celtics doled out tonight, including holding the Heat to an NBA record low 17 field goals, they had the mandatory press conference.

And as KG was being his usual classy self, not throwing anyone under the bus, Paul Pierce decided to step in.

“Man, I am going to tell you the truth, they got D-Leaguers our there, so I think we just handled our business. We’re supposed to do that. We knew this was a game we were supposed to win, and we just focused from the jump and went out and did it.”

Wow, Paul. That took guts. Calling out these guys that have busted their ass to make it into the league, going through hellacious road trips and the $30 per diem, and playing through injuries for fear they'll get tabbed as injury prone, and everything else? Now that takes guts. Mocking this team after your team was just as terrible last season, except, if you remember, your guys hadn't been added in the last ten days, hadn't had to adjust to a new system, a new town, a higher pace, a higher level of play. No, your guys had been together all season. And had been made of NBA level players. And, oh yeah, unlike the Heat, they had their superstar, who was completely irrelevant last year. Who was that? Oh, yeah. It was you.

Look, I get it. You're rolling now. Cool. I'm glad you can be honest about the fact that you're better than the Heat. We appreciate the honesty. But all you did was degrade a bunch of guys that are killing themselves right now in a system built to develop their talents that didn't come perfectly honed like yours. And a bunch of D-Leaguers, like Kelenna Azabuike (15 and 7 last night), or Mikki Moore (14 and 7; no relation)? Really? You might want to take a look at the guys from the D-League who are around. You might find some familiar faces.

Oh, and one last thing, there, Chief.

You: 24 minutes, 10 points.
Blake Ahearn, D-Leaguer: 16 minutes, 12 points.

And he didn't have the Big Ticket distracting everyone and carrying his notoriously questionable partners. He didn't have Matrix pulling double teams, or Wade driving. He had Blount and Ricky Davis.

So the next time you want to run your mouth on a league that works to develop players into NBA talent, and who's guys are still getting used to a new level of play, maybe you should give a little respect to the guys who haven't had it as easy as you.

That said, I fear the Celtics and can find no reason to believe the vaunted Western Conference race is anything but a battle for runner-up.

But with the Portland team probable to join the league in 2009, and the need for the Celtics to develop young talent, Pierce better get used to playing with the scum.

(Hat tip to Love of Sports.)

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