Thursday, March 20, 2008


We're not going to lie to you. We wanted to try and keep posting during the Madness. But we can't. Corndogg's a fiend for this stuff, and will be rabid for the next week while Duke's still alive until their shooting runs out and they plummet back to the earth. Then he'll just be bitter for two weeks. Then we should have him back. Anyway, I'll be doing a link post, but I've got a Toros home game tonight, a few big interviews to log, and I'm traveling home this weekend as well. So posting will be sporadic at best till Tuesday. I'll try and have some stuff over the weekend for you. Like you care. You're all watching the tournament, anyway, except for Skeets, becuase he's Canadian, and therefore only lifelike.

Happy Zombie Weekend, everybody. FKU.

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