Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ball Movements 3.6.08

Today's Ball Movements are brought to you by the Patrick Swayze classic, Roadhouse. Swayze recently was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer, and has been given a 5-week prognosis. In honor of the mightiest philosopher bouncer ever, we salute you, sir.

(Seriously, condolences to Mr. Swayze's family and friends.)

Reasons To Watch The Games In the NBA Tonight:

"Nobody Ever Wins A Fight":
Keep telling yourselves that, Chicago. Tonight the Bulls get the King, one night after dropping 50, 10, and 8 on the Knicks. Having suspended Tyrus Thomas, which is hard to notice since he doesn't get to play anyway, the Bulls are going to be shorthanded against their old teammates. Look for Larry Hughes to try way too hard to score, shoot 38%, and for Noah to get extremely frustrated. By the way, Andy Varejao verus Noah. That's a lot of hair. I mean, that's a LOT of hair in the paint. Throw in Drew Gooden's beard and Ben Gordon may get lost in someone's tangles. Which might work out better for the Bulls.

"I Want You To Be Nice Until It's Time To Not Be Nice": Is there a more appropriate quote for the Spurs and Gregg Popovich? They're all well-mannered and happy and such good, quality guys, and then BAM! They're throwing you into scorers tables and kicking you in the nuts. This team has evolved from being a s skilled Euro-heavy finesse team into a ruthless cabal. Tonight they face the Pacers, who, appropriately, are much like the roguish bandits that Patrick Swayze himself dispensed of in Road House. Except for Travis Diener and Mike Dunleavy. They're like the band with the blind dude. The Spurs must love the Lakers getting good again. They still owe them from all those playoff eliminations, including the .04 disaster. The Lakers will find that the Spurs aren't as soft as the last time they met.

Take The Biggest Guy In The World, Shatter His Knee And He'll Drop Like A Stone.": Oh, you knew it was coming. And how true it is, except in this case, it's a foot and an attempt at clotheslining a Russian. Either way, Yao Ming and Dirk Nowitski are both out tonight, which just makes this one all the more important. While I do think the Rockets are a little too gleeful about this win streak, it has been extremely impressive. I refuse to start believing in them for fear of getting my heart broken. But regardless, there is zero margin for error and the Rockets are doing what they need to to make the playoffs. On the other side, the Mavs need something, a spark, a big moment, a huge win, something, anything, to get the life back into them and get back into the shape of a legitimate contender. They can't afford to not be in the top 4 come playoff time. We'll see if Kidd can get the rest of the Mavs involved tonight. Josh Howard versus Tracy McGrady is pretty fantastic. Also, you realize what could happen if these two teams are tied with two minutes left? No one could score for three overtimes! These two teams hate close margins! Either team better get up and stay up.

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