Monday, March 31, 2008

Ball Movements 3.31.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

"Dirty South" Is Probably An Appropriate Term In This Instance: You know, you'd never believe it, but the Grizzlies are actually playing pretty well. I mean, they have an absolute army of athletic point guards. They have some speed. They have some size. They're really playing pretty well. Meanwhile, so are the Hawks. They're finally, finally, FINALLY pulling away from the pack in the Eastern Conference, and look like they're headed to the postseason. The athleticism and talent is starting to overcome their other issues, and Joe Johnson is still playing really well. Great matchup tonight between these two. I'm really stunned I'm about to say this, but this might be the best game to watch tonight, if you care at all about defense. Otherwise, there's...

To Whom Does This Game Mean More (Via the Corndogg): The Suns beat the Nuggs at home tonight and they are tied for the lead in the Pacific (though, without the tiebreaker in their favor). The Nuggets win and they get better positioning to actually make the playoffs and keep J.R. Smith off the streets for a couple extra weeks (The whole world rejoices!). But, if could go 50/50 if they each win at home or each win on the road, since they get back to backs against each other tonight and tomorrow. Its an odd scheduling snafu, but each of these teams could send a serious message with a mini-sweep these next two nights. The NBA, Where The Western Conference Happens!

There's No Place Like Home. Because We Lose. EVERYwhere Else: The Jazz are back in the comfy confines of SLC tonight to take on the Wizards. The Wizards were in a dogfight last night to the very end with LA, so they may be a little bit exhausted tonight. The Jazz are coming off another loss to the Wolves. Yes. The Minnesota Timberwolves. Yes, this year without Garnett. But seeing Deron against Tuff Juice is always interesting. And hey, Gilbert could play! Not. Boozer meets Tuff Juice, tonight in Utah. Washington at Utah, 9PM EST.

A Classic Conundrum (Via the Corndogg): Is it better to be as awful as the Heat, with the potential to get Beasley or Rose in your future? Or, is it worse to be as middling and sub-mediocre as the Pacers, where neither the draft nor your awful contract situation will see major improvements in the offseason, but at least you aren't the Knicks? The grass is always greener... except for when it's dead.

Nurse: Male, 45-28, gunshot wound to the knee!

Let's get him into surgery! Doctor, he's hemorrhaging! Don't you die on me, Mavericks! Don't you quit on me! I need 20 CCs of playing the Clippers, STAT! Live, damn you! Live!

That's pretty much Mavs-Clippers tonight. Oh, and check out Marcus Williams for the Clippers off the bench (D-LEAGUE!). He's going to start in three years. Write. It. Down. Dallas At LA Clippers, 10:30 PM EST.

They Are On So Many Roller Coasters, They Might As Well Get A Stadium At Carowinds (Via the Corndogg): The Bobcats are faced with many crazy decisions. Are we a good lottery team or a bad lottery team? Are we more desperate for a big time power forward of a big time combo guard? Will Sam Vincent get the ax or will Jordan? Or will, God forbid, neither of them get it? Its a kookie time to be a Charlotte fan, but with a team that at least intermittently shows it has winning potential (more than can be said for about 25% of the league), you have got to figure these next couple of weeks are going to be some serious, inspired play. Either for those trying to keep their jobs (players and coaches alike) or for those who just want to rub the actual ability to step on the court in Morrison's face. Well, they still might do that next year, when he is healthy. Ha ha. Oh, and tonight, they get throttled by the Raps, who are sharpening their claws (sorry, couldn't help it) for a playoff run spot.

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