Monday, March 3, 2008

Ball Movements 3.3.08

Reasons To Watch The Games In The NBA Tonight:

The Kings Of Wishful Thinking: The Jazz thought they had the clear upper-hand on the Hornets, a likely first round matchup. The Mavs thought they had made the final acquisition in their quest for a title. If this weekend has ANY lasting implications, these two teams are going to have to pretend their hearts aren't breaking. Now they're both going to be tossing out claims that nothing matters till April (which is true) and that they'll get it together and come out on top then (which is not). Tonight they both try and turn it around and get a huge win. The loser will have to keep telling itself that all this is just a fluke. Because they're the king of wishful thinking. Utah at Dallas, 9PM EST.

There's No Room For Error. Okay, There's Some Room. Okay, There's A Goddamn Park For Error.: Why on earth would you watch this game? Let me tell you, sonny. For starters, Philadelphia's actually pretty good. The young'ns have come together and are playing solid ball, 7-3 in their last 10. Thaddeus Young is a hell of a lot of fun to watch, and Dalembert going up against Kaman the Caveman is going to be downright dastardly. The Clips? Who's going to make the roster? Will one of the injured studs be in uniform? And, oh, yeah, the Trillion watch for a speedy D-League player named Andre Barrett (D-LEAGUE!), which is what I care about. Philadelphia at LA Clippers, 10:30PM EST.

Just A Few Questions (Via the Corndogg): Think about this while you are checking out the CP3 show invading the Garden. Why does Jamal Crawford average nearly 42 minutes a game? Who do you think will win out in the stat-off between Randolph Morris and Jerome James -- RM is averaging 2.5/0/0 and JJ is averaging 2.0/1.5/0, but RM is averaging 3.0 mpg to JJ's 2.5, so its not exactly fair. Can we call David West "Chocolate Rain?" Would you want Bonzi Wells as a friend on Myspace? Did James Dolan get a lobotomy before he took over the Knicks? Will Isiah have a heart attack and watch from a purgatory like place in the rafters of MSG while Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry perform a tango on top of his rotting carcass? You know, I'm just asking. New Orleans at New York, 7:30PM EST.

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