Friday, March 28, 2008

Ball Movements 3.28.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

The Last Stand: Let's be clear on this. We can argue and debate about how great the West is. We can trip over ourselves on how much fun the Western Conference playoff race is. But none of this changes the fact that the road to the championship may very well go through Boston, and Boston has destroyed the Western Conference in the last week. Every time they seem to find a tougher team on a bigger roll, they wipe them out. So the Hornets give it the old college try tonight in Boston. CP3 versus Rondo, Garnett versus West, Allen versus Peja. If the world were a fair and just place, it would give us this as the Finals. As it is, we'll have to savor this. Don't miss it.

Stick That Vote Of Confidence Where The Sun Don't Shine: Lawrence Frank isn't exactly with his back against the wall, but he can see the wall in his peripheral vision. Meanwhile, his team is still vying for the final playoff spot and Vince Carter is starting to care (this would be the "half-season" portion). Then there's Indiana, two games out and completely lost. They'd start tanking, but Jermaine O'Neal isn't even playing. They don't even know how to lose effectively. So there's that. This is a rare game where the Nets actually have the size advantage, and it'll be interesting to see if the Pacers front court can actually mount a fight.

This Is Madness! This! Is! Philly!: I picked the Sixers to win tonight. I know, it doesn't make any sense to me, either. But this team has something right now, and whatever it is, it works really well against the Suns. The Suns need this one, after losing two, drifting further away from the 3 or 5 slot. But Philly's just been unstoppable and this is the team that they can really pound away on. So Shaq, if you wanted to stop being a pain in the ass and help the Suns win a few? Now would be a good time. On the other side, at what point do we start looking at Philly and figure if they can win their first round series? Now sound good? Okay.

Is The Final Four Here Yet (Via the Corndogg): So, your boring 4 time NBA champions can't sell out a home game. I doubt that Minny is gonna have a bunch of fans hitched to their bandwagon. So, instead of waiting for next weekend to get here (yes, we do love college basketball as well), just enjoy this awesome post that came up when I went to Google and typed in "manu ginobili bald spot." (PS... maybe the best blog name ever).

Apocalypse Now (Via the Corndogg): Superman is heading to Milwaukee. And he doesn't need any of his hurt/lame (Hedo/Lewis) teammate to help him take down the Bucks. Just listen for the Doors song and watch for Bogut to start behaving like Marlon Brando, while Charlie Bell just stares at him in fear like Martin Sheen. BTW, what ever happened to that Tri-Force Apology we were gonna offer Rashard Lewis. Oh yeah, I remember, he sucks. No apology necessary. At least we have BBJ.

The More You Know: Chip from 3 Shades Of Blue was kind enough to drop us a guest reason to watch Lakers-Grizz tonight: "Memphis plays LA tonight and Memphis owns LA’s draft pick in the upcoming draft. This game should be worth watching just to see how many times the Grizzlies try to trip Kobe and step on his pinkie! With the playoff race so close, Gasol and Bynum out with injuries and the Grizzlies needing help badly in the draft there is every reason for the Grizzlies to try and put Kobe out for a while. And don’t forget that Kobe decked Mike Miller a couple of years ago so there is a history of rough play involved here."

The Choice Is Yours (Via the Corndogg): Utah is playing at home, where they do not lose. The Clippers are playing an actual NBA game, where they do no win. Should be a pick-n-roll bananza for Deron and Booze tonight. You think Williams is just a liiiiiittle bit pissed that he has been forgotten by the mainstream media while everyone is on the (rightful) CP3 love fest? I hope we find a way for those guys to meet in the playoffs, because in case you have forgotten, Williams has owned CP3 in their head-to-head battles. Make is happen Stern. Make IT happen. Oh yeah, and watch this game too.

If I Even Smell Defense, I Want My Money Back (Via the Corndogg): Washington is up to the 5 seed now. Perfect, just like we wanted. Another series with the Cavs. However, the Raps are sure to get some of their kinks worked out and leapfrog the gutty Wiz if they don't take care of business in games like this. Besides Artest (and a probable blow up, as its about time), there shouldn't be a stitch of D on in Arco. Just like we like it.

No, You Are Not Imagining Things. It Is Really The Bobcats At The Sonics (Via the Corndogg): Nuff said.

Quick Hits:

Chicago at Atlanta: Um... Josh Smith might make the scoreboard explode?
New York at Toronto: The Meltdown in Manhattan continues! It's like MASH. It's comforting because it'll always be on.

Have a good weekend, folks. I might be live-blogging Spurs-Rockets. We'll see.

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