Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ball Movements 3.27.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

Chapter 6: In Which All Of The Nice Things I've Said About The D-League Get Shoved In My Face:
Oh, Lord. After all the nice things I noted about Kasib Powell and the D-Leaguers yesterday, and defending them all day today, I now get to watch them annihilated by the Pistons. I would say Blake Ahearn will probably have a trillion, but there's pretty good odds he's going to have a lot of turnovers. It would be one thing to catch the Pistons in the middle of a win streak on a back to back, but they're at home, after a loss to a playoff team. So they're going to be pissed. Oh, please, Lord, let them decide to take another night off defensively so my guys can get some burn? Please? But wait, Amir Johnson is a D-League assignment product! Woohoo! I still win! Miami at Detroit, 8:00PM EST.

So It Is Down To You, And It Is Down To Me: This is pretty interesting right here. Dallas is 0-8 against teams over .500 since the Kidd trade. The Nuggets are desperately trying to crawl their way back into the playoffs. They feel like Dallas is the weak point, and they'll fold without Dirk. All season long we've questioned the Nuggets intensity, chemistry, dedication, and consistency. They've looked terrific at times and utterly pathetic at others. They'll smoke a Western Conference contender on the road, then lose to a terrible Eastern Conference team at home. This honestly might be a must win game tonight for Denver. If they fail to topple the Dirkless Mavs tonight, at home, after winning three straight, how are they supposed to find the confidence to put together a capable win streak? Then again, the Mavs didn't look so hot when Dirk was with them. Josh Howard might want to work on that Iocaine powder trick. Dallas at Denver, 8:00PM EST.

And With The 11/12/13/14th Pick In The NBA Draft, The Portland Trailblazers select Kevin Love (Via the Corndogg): Kevin Pritchard might be the greatest genius of all. First, he masterminds a way for Brandon Roy to get hurt and not have his team plays its way into the playoffs. This makes the team even stronger and hungrier next year, knowing that with Oden all season and Roy for the stretch, they have something to prove. Hell hath no furry like a bunch of athletic 25 year old millionaires with a chip on their shoulder. And, by virture of slightly over looked ball skills and a perceived lack of athleticism, Kevin Love falls to them right at the tail end of the lottery. (See, he is right around their position on these two boards). Oh, and if he doesn't, Portland can use some of its 4 FREAKIN DRAFT PICKS to package together to move up and get him. A homegrown talent with a skill set that complements both Aldridge and Oden when he is paired with them on the court. Its a stroke of genius and Kevin Pritchard would like to for you to lick his balls. The NBA -- Where Conspiracy Theories that also serve as Pipe Dreams Happens. Portland at Golden State, 10:30PM EST.

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