Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ball Movements 3.26.08

The Lion, The Switch, And The Weber State Wildcat: LeBron squares off against CP3 tonight in the kind of game that makes you feel all funny in your gibblets. But there's another subplot I'm more interested in. Big Ben is out with back spasms for this game. Does that mean with the big negative out that our boy Lance Allred will actually see some floor time? Maybe? Possibly? Because that would be neat. It'll be interesting to see how the Hornets defend James. Do you put West on him and have Chandler help in the paint? Do you putt Wells on him and hope against hope? And if you're the Cavs, what are you going to do against the high screen and roll with Paul and Chandler? Z's not fast enough, and Varejao isn't big enough. And how do you do all this and contain Peja on the outside? This is one for Xs and Os, for sure. New Orleans at Cleveland, 7PM EST.

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty:
Oh, God. Charlotte's in LA. You know that scene in 300 where they just kill everyone? Okay, that was every scene. But that's pretty much like what this is going to be. Unless the Lakers just have one of those nights and Jason Richardson goes nuclear, this should be pretty much a gigantic blowout. But hey, more chances to see Kobe kill everyone! Charlotte at LA Lakers, 10:30PM EST.

Chris Bosh Needs To Wear That Cowboy Hate, Cause There's Gonna Be A Shootout (Via the Corndogg): Perfect situation for the Raps. Pistons have clinched. They are sitting on their high horse (no pun intended) after bruising the Suns a couple days ago. They are on the road. And, frankly, they don't give a damn. Should be a recipe for success in Toronto. Now, if only Bosh-y could get the rest of his team to play focused. Detroit at Toronto, 7PM EST.

My New Favorite Team (Via the Corndogg): I mean really. You gotta give it up to Ed Stefanski. The man can GM. The Sixers are the new black. Watching these undersized ultra-athletes continually confound the so-called "better" teams over the past 6 weeks has been awesome. Iggy has been earning his upcoming contract, Dalembert is finally earning the contract he already has and who would have thunk it -- NOT trading Andre Miller might actually have been the right move!?! I mean, after an unexpected let down tonight and a dozen texts from Matt talking about how Ty Thomas had a double-double, I am still gonna pull for these guys. Screw Virginia -- Philly is for Lovers! Chicago at Philadelphia, 7PM EST.

Uh... Well... I Guess... (Via the Corndogg): Normally I reserve those cheesy jokes for awesome games like Memphis @ Miami. But seriously, if you love this blog then you will be watching Phoenix @ Boston. HP hopes this is an NBA Finals preview. And, it coooooould be. But, we will settle for a very intense game, one that means way way way more to the Suns than to Boston. Does Garnett and Co. care? Do the Suns have the focus? This is what I call March Madness. Phoenix at Boston, 7PM EST.

Where In The World Is Gerald Green (Via the Corndogg): Probably in the stands holding up another "22-0 We Still Believe" sign. Cause, his last two teams have actually both gotten better without him. He might be better as a fan. He might actually be the modern equivalent of the Ewing Theory. I mean, the "Gerald Green" Theory could have some legs. But really, we all know how well the Rockets are playing with a banged up squad. And the T-Wolves are finally getting some good minutes from Rashad McCants and Bassy. Which speaks of good things to come. Seriously. Minnesota at Houston, 8:30PM EST.

A Suprisingly Good Fight (Via the Corndogg): No, I'm not particularly referring to the heated on court battle between Rudy Gay and K-Mart. Or between Beno and Conley. I'm actually talking about the psycho off between HP fave Darko and, well, HP Fave Crazy Pills. The NBA - Where Lunacy Happens. Memphis at Sacramento, 10PM EST.

One Line Reasons:

Milwaukee at Atlanta: You might get to see both coaches checking the want-ads together.

Indiana at New Jersey: In case you were just wondering what the teams will look like that will be swept in the first round.

Washington at Seattle: Because every game in Seattle is precious at this point.

Miami at New York: Suicide is painless.

LA Clippers at San Antonio: Because then Manu can teach you to read!

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