Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ball Movements 3.18.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

Ready To Go: Celtics. Rockets. Let's do this. Nuff said. Boston at Houston, 9:30PM EST.

In A Year This Will Look Like A March Madness Game: Because you'll be seeing some combination of Eric Gordon, Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, OJ Mayo. The Heat are on the road tonight to take on the Milwaukee Bucks. It's an absolute abomination, is what this is. This game should be aborted. It should be sent back to the chef with a note: "I wouldn't feed this to my dog if it had it's tongue cut out." But alas, we are still drawn. Why? Udonis and Matrix are back. And there's always CVNuv. Ah, CVNuv. How we love your alien ways. Miami at Milwaukee, 8:30PM EST.

I Coulda Been A Contender: Well, the Nets and the Bulls have to hear this infamous clip and wince. It perfectly encapsulates both of their seasons. One day, NBA Historians will look back at the Nets and go "Jefferson. Kidd. Carter. What the hell happened?" and they'll look at the Bulls and go "That team fell apart like a flan in a cupboard." But there's no reason to look back. Better to look forward, to brighter days. In 2010. They're both still barely scrapping for a playoff spot, though, so tonight's got some implications. If the Bulls can go on even a tiny win streak, they can get into the playoffs. Likewise, the Nets just need to keep beating teams that are worse than them and they might be able to hang on to their 8 seed. Tonight they get down and dirty. Watch Harris versus Thabo and Hinrich, and Deng versus Jefferson. New Jersey at Chicago, 8:30PM EST.

And Now For The Encore (Via the Corndogg): How do you follow up 168 points? You thoroughly beat the Pistons, in their house and make a statement that you can grind it out with the elite in the East. Well, that would be nice, except that a ridiculous "J.R. Smith just ate Joe Dumars' cat" rumor will probably end up being true and Iverson is already looking ahead to Philly. I guess you got Carmelo and the Payback for 2003 to lean on, but that ain't enough. Watching Camby light up up Theo Ratliff for the :49 seconds he is in the game will be funny though. Denver at Detroit, 7:30PM EST.

Just Like Sands Through The Hourglass (Via the Corndogg): So are the days of the Western Conference, where intrigue, confused identities and star-crossed paths are as prevalent as, well, Westen Conference contenders. The Lakers are showing their true colors (in a decidedly non-MVP shade -- its just not fierce enough for Spring '08) since Gasol limped away. The Mavs are figuring it all out with Kidd there beating some women (ed. note: playing great team basketball). This is a winnable game for LA, mainly because Josh Howard can't guard Kobe the entire game and Odom is a bad mismatch on Dirk. Now, if only Odom could learn to play... LA Lakers at Dallas, 8:30PM EST.

What Else Did You Think This Entry Would Be About (Via the Corndogg): Artest and Jackson in the same gym. That's worth its weight in platinum... and fistfights. We love these two! Golden State at Sacramento, 10PM EST.

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