Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ball Movements 3.13.08

Reasons To Watch The Games Of The NBA Tonight:

Easy, Tuff Juice. Just Go Along Quietly And No One Gets Hurt. Again: Wizards and Cavs meet tonight in one of my favorite underrated sub-rivalries. These two teams keep meeting in the first round of the playoffs. Two years ago, LeBron gave Zero a whisper to force him to miss freethrows in a deciding game. Last year, the Cavs got to eat them alive without Caron and Zero. The Wizards have learned how to play without their star guys, though, and tonight they even get Butler back for this one. The Cavs have looked great one night, pathetic the next. The Wizards seem more and more to be developing a "screw it, let's just win the damn thing" attitude. This could get interesting tonight. Cleveland at Washington, 8PM EST.

Run, Run, Run. Or, On Second Thought, Walk This Way (Via the Corndogg): Yes, that's right, loyal readers. The Corndogg is dropping the first double video intro to a BM (take that anyway you wish). The used-to-be "Fun n Gun Suns" are now enveloped with the Big, Lumbering, but Trying Really Hard Cactus. The still are Fun n Gun Warriors must be licking their chops. They have had Phoenix's number in the past few meetings, but expect the Suns to throw some seriously new tricks at the Warlocks tonight -- mainly a new strategy where they just bounce the ball towards the other team and they let Shaq do this (I bet that really opens up the floor for transition buckets). And, well, look for the Warriors to throw some seriously new tricks at the Suns -- mainly, Monta Ellis, who Phoenix has no chance in hell of guarding. Its really too bad Webber sucks and is hurt. You know Marv wants to party like its 2002 tonight. If you aren't watching this game, you are not an NBA fan. Period. Golden State at Phoenix, 10:30 PM EST.

The Internets Are Alive With The Sound Of The 10th Seed In The West (Via the Corndogg): For two teams who are unlikely to make the playoffs (not throwing any punches, just make a reasonable assumption), this sure has been a great week for the brewing Portland/Sactown rivalry. First, we get this little nugget from Channing Frye, which as you may have noticed, our buddy Ziller didn't take to kindly. Then, for those of us who just love the guy, we got the first signs of actual basketball life from O-damn (as I know refer to Greg Oden) in a long while. We've got Crazy Pills and my favorite NBA player of all time. Plus, you know, Darius Freakin' Miles, sitting there on the bench, trying not to bitch slap a joker to be a good role model for this young Portland team. There just might be an NBA scheduling God after all. Portland at Sacramento, 10PM EST.

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