Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Appreciate Your Feedback

For those of you that read this blog, you understand how awful Matt and I feel right now. We are starting to question our own blogging abilities. Did we cause this to happen? Has Steve Kerr spent too many restless nights reading HP and trying to figure out why we said Marion was TOO good for the Suns or asking "why are they so bad if they have the best record in the west?" Is this God trying to give us a Job like lesson in hardship, perseverance and disappointment? I mean, I would have rather the Patriots won than had this happen. Seriously. Its like I went to sleep last night and woke up this morning blind, mute and paralyzed. It's us to blame, I know it.

As is such, I would perosnally like for anyone who reads out blog to chime in with their thoughts on who we should pull for now. I even leave the Spurs open for debate. I have been raped by Steve Kerr and I feel yucky. No Garnett, who is a great teammate, passer and defender? No AK47, who does everything that Marion does and plays better post defense? No Gasol, who can run and pass and pass and run? No, we get Shaq. Perhaps the only person in the NBA who represents the antithesis of the Phoenix system and who has the worst contract we could have possibly picked up. I don't even know if a Duke victory tonight can make me feel happy -- I have truly reached the bottom of the NBA cesspool. I cannot wait to be a Jamal Crawford fan.

-The Corndogg

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