Friday, February 22, 2008

Trading Day Reviews: Seattle Supersonics

Instead of doing one big monster post on the trades, we're going to tackle them one at a time. Here's Corn's take on the Seattle trade and the future of the franchise...

Sam the Presti-gious
I swear to God that I mentioned this to Matt earlier in the year, before the season ever started. I told him to watch for Seattle to dump everything they have and make a run at a big time free agent. In doing this, they would be getting a great compliment to Durant (who has been about what was expected this year) and possibly, a star quality player that could keep the team in Seattle, just by virtue of his personality. Well, of course my first suggestion was for them to get ZERO, and now I am more adamant than ever that they do this. Although the city may be losing the team (Gil in OKC, imagine the possibilities!), they still have a ton of money to spend and plenty of picks to with which to build that team. Plus, Gilbert is only 26, so he still has time to grow into his prime and earn his max money, kind of the way Kobe has done until now, when the Lakers have surrounded him with championship talent. So please, for the love of basketball, bottom out, get Derrick Rose and sign Arenas. That sounds like a championship core to me... in 2011.

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