Wednesday, February 6, 2008

To Clarify, Steve, If You're Reading...

When we posted this, we meant it. We really did. But you notice how it mentions multiple role-players? Draft picks are also an inherent piece of that deal. We think Marion was a detriment at the beginning of the season. But in the last 20 games, they've gelled. Marion was running better inside the system. He was actually flowing as more a piece of the team. Furthermore, the goal of trading Marion was to secure a long-term set of options to function with post-Nash. This team could be in the lottery in two years.

It's not just the age. Or the contract. Or the health. Or the systemic issues. Or the inconsistencies. It's the rare combination of all of them. This deal is so horrifically bad, the whole world is stunned.

Colin Cowherd thinks it's a good idea. There you go.

Marion is a huge asset you can use to obtain multiple pieces to augment your team. That does NOT mean you should completely abandon what brung you, and acquire a 35 year-old overweight, out of shape center who's a liability in any aspect you examine.

What the hell is going on?!

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