Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Special Announcement: March 11th, KOBE BRYANT BLOG DAY!

I think it's pretty obvious how we feel about Kobe Bryant.





But it's not as if we actually deny the greatness of Mamba. And there's a lot of discussion between the two factions. Our primary reason for being so annoyed with him (aside from his attitude) is his constant bombardment upon us by media and blogs. Everyone's a Kobe fan. People that live nowhere near LA are Lakers fans. Because they win. They're popular. Being small-market fans, this is akin to nails on a chalkboard while someone is tugging on our bathing suit area with burning hot pokers. Yet, those that adore Kobe says that "everyone's a hater." And that "there is nothing but negativity towards Kobe Bryant." (We recommend they listen to Stephen A Smith for more than ten minutes.)

But we wanted a day. One day. To celebrate Mamba. To be able to speak positively about him and to let our critics know that we do see his greatness. We just don't care. We chose March 11th, as he is facing the Toronto Raptors that night, who he famously shredded for 81. At Staples. What better setting to celebrate his wonderment? It's therapy. It's masochism. It's Kobe Bryant Blog Day.

And we have called our brethren together to join us in this glorious day. So if you have a blog, spend this day, March 11th, extolling the virtues of Kobe. Even if you hate him, there's something you love about him. Maybe his Kung-Fu action. Perhaps his jumper (our favorite). Or maybe you just want to talk about that perfectly honed physique and his way with the ladies (and by that we mean his wife, and his wife only, of course). You can celebrate with a YouTube clip, or a picture. Perhaps a post detailing what enables him to get to the rim so quickly. Or maybe just a poem that extols his virtues in classic sonnet form. Whether you despise him, or genuinely love him, or even just appreciate him in passing like a finely tuned Vespa, this is your day to celebrate the life and times of Kobe Bean Bryant.

Join us, Blogosphere/Blogfrica/Planet Blog, for Kobe Bryant Blog Day.

Celebrate the Mamba.

If you plan on being a part of this very special day, drop us an email at hardwoodparoxysm(at) gmail(dot)com. Those already signed up to participate:
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