Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Good News For Nets Fans

Oh, Nets fans! While you're watching the All-Star point guard pack his bags and waiting for the injured and underperforming masses from Dallas to arrive, you can enjoy this.

Richard Jefferson's in trouble with the law! Hurrah!Happy fun times!

This is A. confusing and B. a bummer.

It's a bummer because we like Jefferson and his effort on the court. Of course, if we had a nickel for everytime we've tried to choke a clubgoer, well, we'd be able to pay Kidd's alimony. Oh, wait, we don't have a garbajabillion dollars. Nevermind.

It's confusing because this is the same dude that got elbowed in the face by Lamar Odom of all girly men a week ago and just went to the locker room, got stitches, and came back without starting anything. All of a sudden he's beating up people in clubs?

Of course, TMZ's never wrong...

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