Friday, February 1, 2008

Great, Someone Else Who's A P*ssy At The Elbows

Pau Gasol has been traded to the Lakers, of all places, for the waste of air and space that is Kwame Brown and some other stuff that's still being reported on. We'll update this with our thoughts as we go. Call it a live-trade open thread.

Early analysis?

Corn: cannot be true
why in the world would the grizz take crittenton
i understand kwames deal is coming off the books
but after having deals on the table for gordon, thomas and a pick last year
why would the settle for kwame, crittenton (yet another young pg they dont need) and 2 late first round picks?
heisley has got to be selling the team
Sent at 2:22 PM on Friday
me: I guess they're planning on being active in free agency
any 15s?
Corn:: no they arent
who are they gonna get in free agency?
who wants to play in memphis?
me: money talks.
Corn:: they dont have that much money
seriously, think about the available free agents this summer
who would seriously consider signing with the grizzz
its just such a stupid deal, judging by what was being thrown around for gasol even as little as 6 months ago
this proves why their franchise will never be important in the nba
Corn:: they should have pulled the trigger then
Corn:: we kept imploring them to
but no, they thought that conley and darko would just magically make this team into a playoff contender
and now they have 2 big guys who get frustrated easy and cant score
and a bunch of guys on the wing who will jack up shots
they may not win another game the rest of the year
the two biggest busts of this century (according to a lot of outlets) now are starting on the same team
who goes for that?
oh yeah, thats right
they have boston's old assistant GM
why am i not surprised

So that's Corn with his usual light-hearted banter and supportive analysis. This is pretty awesome, though. Kwame Brown and Darko on one team.

More later.

Update: 2:36PM: Okay, looks like it's official and all. Really, Memphis? Kwame Brown's expiring, Javaris Crittenton, and two picks from a team that won't be in the lottery until well after you've got their picks? Really?

Also, 3 Shades of Blue (who you should really check out for better coverage of this) is reporting the missing player is Aaron McKee.

Update: 2:43PM: Corn's really feeling quite vitriolic about this.

Corn: the nets are trying to send jason collins to the grizz for stromile swift
me: yeah, heard that this morning
it's basically a wash
Corn: no it is not
the grizz lose again
they might as well chain up their fans (all 11 of them) to the pyramid and let the vultures reign down on their carcasses and feast on their innards
me: no, seriously, it's a wash
they're both expiring
Corn: that is the promethean like penance you must pay for being a fan of the most imcompetent team in the nba
me: neither of them have seen the floor in weeeks
Corn: then why make the trade?
me: and swift got suspended recently
saves them 1 mil.
Corn:: if they are both expiring, why even make the trade
a million to do what with?
burn in front of your fans during a halftime show?
me: oh, actually
swift has a player option for a year extension
3 shades might as well send me some anthrax in the mail
because i will NEVER have another moderately supportive thing to say about their bloody diarrhea of a team ever again

He's a poet, really. I don't mind either deal that much, except for helping out the Lakers like that without a clear plan is a little ridiculous. They are aware that NEXT year's free agent class is much better, right?

Update: 2:52 PM: Okay, apparently we're the ones taking crazy pills, because everyone else is ready to say that the Lakers will be winning the next nine championships by bringing in an aging, injury-prone, soft big man that shoots too much from the elbows and has only proven that he can excel on mediocre to bad teams. Call us crazy, but we're not necessarily convinced that Gasol is the answer. People are reacting like it's judgement day, only instead of big killer robots, it's like Yao Ming just got traded to LA. Let's go over this, one more time. Kobe Bryant likes to shoot. All the time. Every day. Every game. Getting Pau Gasol will not change that. Bynum is the key to whether they can win a championship or not. Will Gasol make them a better team? Obviously. They lost Kwame Brown, for God's sake. But let's back off on throwing them the parades until they prove they can beat one of the big Western three in the playoffs, shall we?

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