Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Great Exercises in Internet NBA-Related Postings 2.26.08

  • Not for nothin', but... D-LEAGUE!
  • Now there's a name you don't read everyday when you're checking out NBA stuff: Osama Bin Laden.
  • A former player says the Knicks have an identity problem. We tend to think they have a "playing basketball in a way that is not an abomination" problem.
  • Douchenozzle of the day: Phil Jackson. Expect a swarm of "Isn't Phil Jackson awesome?!" from parts of the internet today. Vomit.
  • Isn't it a bit late to still be tinkering, trade or no?
  • Headline = Understatement of the Year nominee.
  • Even down at the D-League level here in Austin, there's a TON of talk about Barry being reacquired by Toros-owners, the Spurs. The Association is rightfully impressed. So are we.
  • Detroit Bad Boys says Davis or Magliore are a'comin'. Might as well be Eli.
  • It's rare that I link to TrueHoop, since I assume most of you are reading it anyway. But this one deserves a nod here anyway.
  • With Malice is doing a whole bevy of Finals predictions. We like this one. It's sensible. We like sensible. Other people are riding the hypewagon! Yay! Then there's us. Who have no idea what the hell is going on.
  • Okay. We get it. Kobe Bryant is talented. He's a great scorer. He's definitely Hall of Fame. He's rightfully widely considered an MVP candidate by many. But this seriously got us pissed off, and we didn't even get our votes in in time! (Note: Due to an email problem. You'll notice that's why there's a lack of hilarity never before seen on ye old internets. Or at least a lot of Ryan Adams references.) We have no problem with anyone voting in Bryant to be MVP. They're wrong, but that's fine. It's a reasonable argument. But the blogpoll is an opinion. That's all it is. You're asked what your opinion is on a totally subjective award. So if, say, you want to reward players that don't get the burn when you know Kobe is going to get his, that's your prerogative, too. Just so we're clear on this, if for any reason in the future, voters are excluded because they didn't include a player, and that's Kobe, Dirk, Paul, Nash, or LeBron, or even our beloved BBJ, you're never going to hear the end of it from our end. We're bloggers, we're supposed to be, well, not better, but different about this kind of thing. We welcome different opinions. Someone didn't include Kobe? That's not something we agree with, but we can respect it. The same way we can respect 20 Second Timeout constantly suckling at the teat of the Lakers. That's his opinion, he's educated about it, and he makes good points, even in the face of clear logic that sometimes refutes his beliefs. But essentially saying that it's absurd that Kobe doesn't automatically get a vote in a completely subjective poll is a dick move. If you can't say anything nice about someone else's opinion, put forward your argument. Don't suggest they should be excluded. Just because you happen to lap at the nuts of one of the most consistently overrated superstars of our time doesn't mean you get to remove those bloggers from the vote. And the same goes for CelticsBlog for suggesting it. Hell, we may not vote for Kobe now just out of principle! (Note: We will not actually do so. We fear Mamba.) Dissent is good! It breeds discussion, which is what we're all about anyway! But if you don't think that someone who's not riding the "Kobe is the best player, ever" train should get to have their voice heard, you need to grab some Cheezy Doodlez, friend. Because you've just Stephen A. Smith'd yourself. (End Note: We point this out because it's something we feel strongly about. Both 20 Second Timeout and CelticsBlog are tremendous blogs that are read by about oh, seventy billion more people than HP. And we're wrong all. The. Time. But when we are, we rely on the blogosphere to call us out on it. We're just doing our part.) ...pant...pant...okay. I think we're done. Back to the dick jokes! /rant
  • And oh yeah, one last thing. If you live in a Lakers' opponent city, and you haven't been a Laker fan your whole life, and hell, even if you have, have a little bit of self-respect as fans. Please?
  • Not to jump to conclusions, but... let's jump to conclusions! To be fair, we've jumped as well. The Suns are DUN.
  • Keep the sharp objects away from Clips Nation.
  • What's worse, long term prognosis sexually transmitted disease or playing for the Heat? Marion's quotes could be used for either.
  • Empty The Bench decided to ruffle some feathers today. We don't agree. And therefore they should never be allowed to blog again. Sorry, still pissed. Anyway. They make some good points about Nash's glaring lack of defense, but we think there's more to it than that, and his leadership and the way he changed the game is something we'll never forget.
  • Easy there, Kirk.
  • Waaaay too much information from Bullets Forever.
  • And while we're at it, we do love some of the Lakers. Like Farmar. Farmar's awesome. Also?... D-LEAGUE!
  • Congratulations, Dorrell Wright.
  • This is not going to be pleasant.
  • Early signs over at Bright Side of the Sun are not...well...bright.
  • A breakdown of the alternative playoff plan.
  • Little hint: That something missing at Nets' practice? Jason Kidd's son's giant head. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  • OKC buckles.
  • Jazz fans peering into the future. Hint: Morriss Almond is king.
  • Today could be interesting.
  • There's literally nothing going poorly for the Rockets.
  • See? Everyone thinks there's a good argument to be made on both sides!
  • The NBA comes to Wichita! Catch the excitement!
  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha.
  • Sometimes we wonder if our love affair with Mark Cuban will end. Then, he says stuff like this. Swoon.
  • If this happens, they're back in contention by January 2010.
  • Update: Uh-oh. Just had this conversation with Jeff from CelticsBlog: me: I kind of, sort of, killed you guys a little bit for the "people didn't vote for Kobe, so let's exclude them" comment today
    I really want you guys to know how much I respect your work and think you're among the elite in NBA blogging, it just really touched a nerve and it's all in relative fun.
    Sent at 10:12 AM on Tuesday
    Jeff: no idea what you're talking about, but obviously we are now at war and I will hate you all my life
This is going to end badly for us. We've seen Boondock Saints.

Update: We removed some of our anti-Kobe comments because they're irrelevant to the conversation. All you need to know is, Kobe's a highly talented all-world talent, competitive warrior grade-A DOUCHEBAG.

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