Monday, February 25, 2008

Great Exercises in Internet NBA-Related Postings: 2.25.08

Hope everyone's weekend was pleasant, what with the Memphis-Tennessee game and all. And that amazing game between the Pistons and Suns. Wait, did I say game? I meant, abject slaughter. That's a much better term.

RIP Fun Suns. Thanks, Kerr. More later on that. But for now? The links.

Before we get started, I thought I'd clear up the intent of this little collection, since several people have been kind enough to make note of it. In Google Reader, I've got 115 NBA Blogs, and I add an average of about two a week. (Side note: Someone tell Windhorst to get a friggin' RSS feed, por favor.) On top of that, I subscribe to the Topix NBA search feed, which dumps in everything Topix finds relevant to the NBA. So I process a ton of stuff. I've long held that the quality of writing for the NBA is absolutely stellar. This isn't meant to be a best of. Nor is it a comprehensive view. I tend to leave out highly popular posts or stuff you should know already. I'm not going to drop you to an AP article on a game, or a Marc Stein interview. This list assumes you're reading those regardless. I also try and reference anywhere I get the link from, and hope for the same. Fanhouse, TrueHoop, and Yahoo! give the best links. Consider this more of a sampler buffet to start your day. Take what sounds good, leave the rest.

Okay, enough wanking. On with the links.

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