Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The End Of An Era

We were enthralled by the Suns. The constant fast-break, breakneck, score in 7 seconds, freewheeling, wide open style was like someone took the league we love and gave it a new paint job, a new engine, tinted windows and a kickass speaker system.

Now comes this.

If this deal goes through, and we pray, for the sake of every NBA fan that it doesnt, we're going to warn you. HP will be devastated. There may be bloodshed. There may be rioting. There will almost certainly be profanity laced tirades the likes of which you have never seen.

Even if you're a Lakers, Spurs, or Mavs fan, the Suns were at least interesting. They weren't predictable, they always put up a good fight, and they were dangerous, leaving you sometimes amazed at the things Nash, Marion, and Amare did, just the same as Ginobili, Parker, and Duncan, Dirk, Terry, and Howard, and now Kobe, Fisher, and Gasol. If this deal goes through tomorrow, it will be a significant step backwards in the evolution of basketball, a significant detriment to the growth of the league, and the equivalent of buying a catapult in a nuclear arms race.

Miami would be fascinating, and if, again, if, this deal goes through, we'll touch on it in detail.

We feel like in the last five days the fabric of the universe has started to melt.

So, just to sum up and get the ball rolling...


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