Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Editorial: Sports Guy For Bucks GM

We've had our problems with the Sports Guy. We found him, as many did, back when he first started writing for Page 2. The phrase, "I will now light myself on fire" became a party of our daily vernacular. We were thrilled for him when the Pats won the Super Bowl, and when the Sox won the series. But sometime between then and now, he grew to be a bit too cocky, a bit too smug, a bit too comfortable and self-indulgent (this is known as "getting paid"). His teams enjoyed success, he started writing for Kimmell's show, and his work started to drag. He still has a few gems here and there, but for the most part, the thrill is gone. We don't begrudge Bill. He's moved on, so have we.

He still enjoys a great amount of success in the NBA blogger world, though. His trade value column is poured over and analyzed, and his draft diaries are legendary. Recently, he offered his services as the GM of the Milwaukee Bucks.

We were divided on the issue, rampaging back and forth between vitriol and the hilarious possibilities.

"But he's such a douchenozzle now!"

"But he'll actually trade VNuv somewhere he can be useful!"

"He has no experience!"

"Neither does Isiah!"

"It means more access for ESPN!"

"It's the Bucks! At least people will know who they are!"

And after much deliberation, we read BrewHoop's take on the matter. And that was what clinched it for us, following an email exchange with Frank.

"We have nothing to lose at this point. Right now we suck and we're boring. With Bill we'd probably suck but at least we'd be interesting. A win-win!"

And so HP is proud to officially endorse Bill Simmons for General Manager of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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