Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Devean The Devil

First you block a freaking trade, after you requested a trade a month ago. You do so by citing freaking Bird Rights, even though, if you had gotten your way and got traded a month ago, you would have lost anyway. Then, you go 0-11 and get booed by your own fans. Not to mention the fact that probably every single person on your team hates you right now. Your lawyer says that you are starting right now and your team is playing well, so why trade? Well, obviously you team knows more than you and the only reason you are starting is because Josh Howard is out!!!!
Oh yeah, and you already have some rings from piggy-backing on Kobe and Shaq while you were in L.A. Your agent says they are trying to protect you? Yeah, that's like saying Memphis got the best of the Pau Gasol trade. You are selfish and pathetic. You have already made wayyyyyy more money than you ever thought possible, so who cares if you get swindled in free agency.
Look, I don't want Dallas to get better (any more so than you do, it seems), but this is trite and unfair. You asked for it. You got it. Now deal with it.

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