Tuesday, February 26, 2008

David Friedman: Not A Douchebag

We're big on open conversation here at the HP, so here's what David left us in the comments about our little...ahem... rant this morning.

I have Kobe #1 and LeBron #2--and I had LeBron a shade ahead of Kobe in the initial Blogger MVP balloting. I've written about what I called "The Accelerated Growth Curve of LeBron James" and I've written that Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward of all-time. I call 'em as I see 'em analytically and I am not playing favorites--but everyone who has a favorite gets upset when I point out their favorite player's shortcomings (overrated Arenas, no-defense Melo, Nash--obviously great, obviously not two-time MVP caliber).

So there is a lot more going on at 20 Second Timeout than just articles about Kobe, though articles about Kobe certainly seem to garner the most attention and the biggest reactions.

My comment about excluding voters just piggybacked off of Celtic Blog's rhetorical comment but I stand by what I said (though they may have meant it in jest). I would also say that anyone who did not have LeBron, Paul, Howard or KG in their top 10 is not a qualified voter. Kobe, LeBron, Paul, Howard and KG are such obvious choices that leaving them out of the top 10 is not dissent, it is idiocy--and idiocy is not a good qualification for anything in my book.

Obviously, I have no control over who gets to vote. I am just offering my opinion--and doesn't that opinion deserve at least as much respect as the opinions of three people who don't understand that Kobe is one of the ten best players in the NBA?

By the way, I don't think that Kobe is the greatest player of all-time, nor do I think that he is better than MJ or even in the top 10 of all-time right now. I think that he should have won the 2006 and 2007 MVPs and that he is leading the field for the 2008 MVP.

We interpret this to mean that David sleeps in Kobe slippers and pajamas every night in a Kobe bed with Kobe sheets and Kobe wallpaper, with his dog, Kobe, tucked at his feet.

Seriously, though, we hate it when blogs post and repost responses in a never ending battle for who gets the last word, and David's right. He's entitled to his opinion as much as the next guy.

Thank you and God Bless.

Kobe sucks.

Sorry. Couldn't help myself. That's it, though. No more.

Total douchebag.

Whoops, it just slipped. My bad. Here we go. End of post.

Epitome of everything that's wrong with selfish players in the NBA and never would have won a ring without Shaq.

Man, that keyboard is SLIP-PERY!

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